Top 6 Fave Lipstick Shades…

Hi beauties *kiss *kiss! I wanted to share my personal top six fave lipstick shades. These are lipsticks that I currently use. I’m a huge fan of L’Oreal, MAC, and Mary Kay. I see all these new colorful lipstick shades like, purple, green, and blue out on the market lately but I won’t be trying any unusual colors 😉

I have full lips and for me that says a lot about the shades that I pick for my lip color. I do not like bright, overly colorful and unusual colors because it just will not look right on me. Besides, I’m OK with not trying every new trend.
For me the lipstick has to have some degree of shine, not too oily, and I hate lipstick that cakes up and smudges for every little thing you do. I look for long lasting, practical colors, that work well with my complexion.
I find that L’Oreal has a great combination of shades, cost, and accessibility because I can grab one at the local drug store or Walmart. For a mother always on the go accessibility is a big factor for me. I love MAC but rarely have time to head to the local mall for a new lipstick and Mary Kay has to be ordered *ugh! 

Check them out…Hope you like!


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6 thoughts on “Top 6 Fave Lipstick Shades…

  1. hi! saw your thread on IFB and thought we would check out your blog. i'm happy i did because it's awesome!! i'm usually a little hesitant about wearing lipstick so thanks for sharing your favorite shades. love number 5! following you via GFC. check out our blog and we hope you'll follow us back 🙂

    carly and stacie

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