My Winter Skin Care Faves…

Winter has arrived this week. We had our first snow fall here in CT and it’s getting brisk outside. I’m not a fan of winter at all because for one its too cold outside, I hate bundling up in layers and layers of clothing, and my skin goes crazy during this time of the year UGH!!!!
   I have a combination skin type. During the summer it’s too oily but extremely dry in the winter. I love wearing make up but fact is you can’t wear it all the time and nothing feels better than knowing that your skin is healthy and blemish free. Some people are just blessed with clear complexions and they rarely have break outs, I’m not so lucky. While I do not have acne issues often, I do get blackheads and flaky dry skin around the nose region.
   I have found great products to help me keep a clear complexion. I’ve been using them for years and while there labels change often, I find that the same basic ingredients are always being used. I look for products that help to, remove makeup, exfoliate, and MOISTURIZE! I don’t use harsh cleansers because they tend to make my skin dry and I avoid products with added oil substances.  

I use one series of products at night before bedtime and another set of products during the morning before I head off to work. Hope you find it useful if you have the same problems that I do with the long winter months.


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6 thoughts on “My Winter Skin Care Faves…

  1. I use the St Ives too and the nuetragena bar cleanser. I've tried the expensive stuff and it just don't work. found cheap stuff to be better. I also use tea trea oil on my face too.

  2. I agree! Your skin looks amazing! I am so glad you found something that works for your skin. I too have a combination skin type. It stinks. However, I finally found the Alexandra De Markoff skincare line. And finally can say I have something that works for me! Great post and I am sure your routine will work for others as well!

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