1st OOTD 2015: Ankara Skirt

What’s it like to feel alive?  It’s like dancing to the beat of your own drum….Making No apologies for who you are…. Feeling calm during a storm…. Being at peace in your heart…. No holding back…. Loving freely and doing ALL the things you have always wanted to do!!
Hi Guys…it’s a new year already and I haven’t done an outfit of the day (OOTD) post since October 2013….My, my, my how time flies. I had taken a break from blogging when I relocated, then got diagnosed with breast cancer and…well… you know the rest. I start my 6 week radiation treatments this week and I still have monthly appointments for Herceptin therapy but I’m feeling really good about life.  I now see the more optimistic side of things…the glass half full instead of half empty theory. I will be doing external beam radiation to the chest wall on the effected right side. I wasn’t able to undergo immediate reconstruction because of the need to radiate that area. My oncologist and radiologist both felt that the expanders would interfere with treatment and may possibly create more discomfort for me if they were put in place.  It may be another 6-9 months before I can even entertain the idea of reconstruction because of the damage that radiation does to the skin. Any who… I’m not sweating it, it’s kind of nice not to wear a bra because they are really uncomfortable anyways. Besides what’s there to complain about?…I’m alive and well!
I found this Ankara print skirt while surfing Etsy for Christmas gifts. Naturally I had to buy myself something 😉 The shop name is RegalClothes and I absolutely LOVE the quality of the skirt. The stitch work, accuracy of the sizing, and service were impeccable…Check them out, they have wonderful merchandise. I hope you enjoy the pictures & thanks for stopping by! 


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7 thoughts on “1st OOTD 2015: Ankara Skirt

  1. YASSSS Hunty!!! Loving this look from head to toe! The print and color of the Ankara skirt is FABULOUS!!! I've been in the market for an Ankara skirt. I'll have to check out this company. Loving how you paired the look with a tee and blazer! PERFECTION!!! I'm so excited to see you return with OOTD's! You know I've always loved your style!!! Lifting you in Prayer daily Beautiful!

  2. Can I just break into praise God from whom all blessings flow?! I did! I was elated to see your post come up. I wandered how you were doing. Keep the faith and keep fighting for your healing. You look fantastic 😘 .

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