Finding the Perfect Beachwear: Swimsuit Blues



Hi guys! I finally found a swimsuit that works perfectly with my shape. It also hides the scaring from my multiple surgery procedures. I remember when my biggest issue was hiding my stretch marks, I hated them and always wanted to find a way to disguise them. These days stretch marks are the least of worries. I have scars that tell a powerful story. My scars are a testament of my fight with a deadly disease, they may fade over time but they will always be with me.


I still have my port in, even though treatment ended last June. It will eventually need to be removed I don’t even notice that I still have it in anymore, its become a part of me. Radiation did a number on my right breast, it burned it so bad I have a permanent square shaped scar that just won’t fade away completely. I have to be extra careful with sun exposure because the area is very sensitive. I picked this swimsuit because it covered most of the chest area, in fact I avoid plunging necklines all together. I only have one implant and a expander, I’ve been procrastinating about getting the other breast fully reconstructed so I’m lopsided…LOL!!!




I think blue and the ocean go so well together. I especially like blue with my complexion and since I’m over the top, why not throw on purple lipstick? The cover up is the best, I’m really happy with both the swimsuit and the cover up. They were both really affordable and the fit was excellent. I had such  an amazing time this past weekend, friendships like the ones I have make my heart smile. I was nice to just get away, lay in the sun, and be in good company. Life is so short I want to always do what makes me happy!








Swimsuit: By it here 

Cover up: Buy it here

Sun Glasses: Buy it here


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