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How do you bounce back from a long weekend? Let’s see,you don’t..I think the question probably should you ever bounce back from a long weekend? My days will be off for the rest of the week just because we had one extra day away from the office. Seriously I did so much this weekend even though, it rained and was humid. The only thing I didn’t do was relax, which I always say I’ll do but never actually get to do.

I did take some time to do things around the house. I didn’t attend any back yard  BBQ’s because I can’t stand mosquitos and bugs for too long. I worked on my blogging and decided to give myself a new hair style. I thought a halo braid would go very well with my thrifted ankara print dress.




I purchased the dress several weeks ago and had it dry cleaned. I think the print is amazing, the colors are great together. The dress was less than $6 and it’s a little big so I thought my thrifted Bannana Republic belt worked perfectly. It’s such a cool piece, the width and design of the belt makes it really stand out. I was going for a more ethnic feel. Ankara print is every where these days and I love seeing so many people showcasing their culture in such bright and beautiful prints.

I like that ankara prints are main stream fashion now. Before I couldn’t find anything except on Etsy, now local retailers and big chains are beginning to offer ankara fabric, clothing, and accessories. I was excited to find this piece, it’s so original and fun! I thought it would be a great festival outfit. I attend quite a few street festivals and expos through out the summer and this look is comfortable and practical for all the walking and the heat.




I swear I got these sandals at Walmart and they have really held up. It’s the Faded Glory brand, which is ok but I wouldn’t have imagined that they would have last so long. They go well with anything casual, I wear them with sun dresses practically everyday to work. I’m a huge fan of bangles, I stole  borrowed these from my mother. She has the best wooden accessories.

Now about my halo hair do. I love it…I wish my own hair was a little bit longer so I could be more creative. I braided my own hair then attached the halo braid over it so it could look fuller. What do you think? I was so impressed with myself for trying it. Definitely look to see more of this hair style in future posts. Enjoy the pictures and whats left of the work week!














Dress& Belt: Thrifted

Sandals: Walmart






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