Celebrate Your Curves: Graphic T & Bikini Bottom



It takes a whole lot of nerve to rock a bikini when your curvy. Once you have kids, gain weight, and life happens, it just feels like a bikini is for girls in there teens or early 20’s…as if I’m that old…LOL! I’m pear shaped, which means that I carry most of my weight on the bottom. It isn’t all that bad, except choosing the right bikini can be challenging.

I typically go for wider bands on the side and a slightly higher waist. I fell in love with the tropical print but couldn’t find a top to go with it. I’m not into showing my stomach  because I have stretch marks from having my son. I usually only wear high waisted swimsuits or one piece swimsuits but wanted to try something different. I’m a fan of graphic T-shirts. I thought the message on this T-shirt said it all ” Thick Thighs Save Lives.” I’m all for celebrating women with flaws. Even the skinniest women have flaws, it’s a part of life, just except it.




T-shirt: Find it here

Bikini Bottom: Find it here



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