Denim & Sheer embroidered Top

Hi everyone! “It’s Michelle My Belle”…also know as Roxy, Shelly, and a few other nick names. I’m working on deciding what direction I want to take my blog in. It started out as a way to advertise for my accessories, then later turned into a fashion blog, it worked for a while because the two went hand in hand but I felt it was time to make some changes. I still sell my jewelry but it’s not my main focus anymore so I changed the name of the blog and my other social media platforms.

I was not in the mood to create another blog from scratch, blogging is difficult enough and it’s taken years to get to this point. My actual name is “Michelle” and I thought it would be nice to tie my name into the blog title. I figure since so much of what I write about has to do with me personally it just made sense…what do you think?  Once I figure out all the technicalities, I think a blog revamp would be a great start for my future goals.

I feel like I’m warming up to these outfit of the day posts. The whole concept is starting to come back to me LOL! At first everything was so awkward posing for the camera but I think I’m getting closer to my comfort level. It must be the 8 pounds I lost..wooohooo!! Now that I eat differently I realize just how much I was over consuming. I’m not on any special diet, I’ve just decided to pay better attention to how much and how often I eat.  It was really important for me to make these lifestyle changes.

The beauty of living in the south is that it’s only March but the weather is perfection! It was gorgeous today, sunny, light breeze, with flowers popping up every where. Signs that spring is just around the corner. I fell in love with this sheer embroidered top that I found at Ross Dress for Less it was $14 and I had to have it. It’s light, flowy, and feminine. I paired it with a white cami and some basic blue jeans.

I purchased the shoes and bag at Marshalls because I’m basically addicted to that store. I don’t think I ever walk out empty handed. I think they have the cutest selection of accessories for reasonable prices. The shoes are so comfortable and the bag has nice detailing on the front.

Enjoy the pictures and thank you for visiting!
Jeans: JCPenny
Bag & shoes: Marshalls
Blouse: Ross Dress for Less


Loving My Natural…

Hi beauties! I’m so happy this heat wave has passed. I wanted to do an outfit post but I was sweating bullets just getting dressed…LOL, I mean seriously I had no energy to even dress up and I stayed in flip flops the whole week. I realized that I had not posted a picture of my natural hair cut and color in full dress up mode. I’m truly loving my hair style and the color is growing on me 😉
I hope you all enjoy the pictures and as always thank you all so much for the continued support!!!


A Sunny Disposition…

They say those days that you wake up on the right side of the bed, pretty much determine the rest of your day. I’m believing that more and more these days. I’ve finally started accepting the things I can’t change and learning how to find other alternatives. I use to get really frustrated when things weren’t going my way and I often wondered how I even arrived at certain obstacles in my life. I’ve learned that obstacles are inevitable,  so I’ve become better prepared when they come my way. I’ve also discovered that an optimistic and realistic outlook help soften the bumps in the road.
I’m pretty much all smiles, I prefer smiling cause I look either mean or really serious if I dont…*so I’ve been told ;).. I think smiling just comes naturally for me,even when things aren’t so sunny.  I just can’t see the point in looking sad all the time. I mean who wants to see gloomy faces and hear sobb stories everyday…not I for one.  I’ve grown so much through my blogging, made friends, and learned so much about myself beyond fashion. I hope you all have enjoyed the journey as much as I have. Thank you all for the continued support!!!


Spring Is Here…Well Not Quite…

Hello everyone!! Happy Spring, just ignore the snow in the background. To say that I’ve been busy, is a true understatement. I’m moving twice this year and while I’m excited about entering that next chapter of my life, I’m also a total basket case. I absolutely hate moving, well not necessarily moving but packing for sure! You never know how much stuff you have until you have to consolidate it into little boxes.  I must admit that I’m a complete procrastinator and I have to do things well ahead of time because I’ve learned that waiting til the last minute only gets more costly so I’ve been packing for weeks. It’s not that I have that much stuff, it’s just that I need breaks and don’t feel like it most days LOL!
I thought I’d take some pictures of my welcoming spring ootd, nothing crazy, just some off-white dress pants by Jennifer Lopez for Kohls and a $8 clearance cardigan that I also snagged at Kohls on an early bird special. I hope that I can get settled in soon and get back to a regular (whatever that means) post schedule. Kiss, Kiss lovies and enjoy the what’s left of the week.


Polka Dot Cardigan & Stripe Pencil Skirt…

Hi lovies! I so need a vacation and I’m ready to start planning a quick little getaway to somewhere warm and sunny. The winter season only just began and already I’m over it!! I’m thinking of taking a cruise just for a few days, something inexpensive, with everything included, decisions, decisions.
These pictures were taken a little earlier in the season, I just got around to posting them 😉 I love how one piece to an outfit just ties everything else together, my belt is doing just that in this OOTD. I’ve had it for several years and it just completes the look. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and the rest of the week!  


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