Self Love


I had reached some really low points emotionally while battling ‘breast cancer’ this past year. The very thought that cancer had invaded my body was enough to turn my world upside down. I felt hopeless…lost….confused and deeply hurt. I initially cried a lot, stopped eating, and closed myself off from the rest of the world. How could anyone ever look at me the same? Why did I have to get cancer? When you’re a woman you worry about everything, especially physical (beauty) or your appearance in general ….our society is built on it. After losing all my hair during chemo, then both my breast after bilateral surgery, I had to learn to LOVE and ACCEPT the new me. 





It’s approaching a full two years since I began blogging. I originally started out with two blogs and eventually decided it would require too much time, so I canned the idea early in the process. I started blogging just as an outlet and for possible ways of spreading the word about my accessories business. It’s been my own little cyber world, a view into my life, and a way to share my personal style and things that interest me with readers. I’m not here to inspire those who don’t want to be inspired. My attitude is, if you like what my blog has to offer, you’ll visit often, maybe leave a comment, or remain anonymous but enjoy what you see. If you don’t then there’s absolutely no reason for you to visit, right? After all there are so many bloggers in the cyber world.

I’ve enjoyed the blogging journey. At times I’ve come to that fork in the road, not sure of what to post or offer readers. It happens, I call it “vlogging block”. It’s challenging at times to blog and balance personal life struggles and busy schedules. I take breaks, reflect often, and redirect my energy back to blogging once I feel up to it, no rush necessary 😉

I hope to continue my blog and this running diary of my personal style for as long as I possible can in the coming years. Enjoy the journey lovies!


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