Kimono, Denim Shorts & Gladiator Sandals






The Coachella Festival has come and gone but it’s totally inspired my summer wardrobe. I love how creative the fashion is during the festival. The people that attend wear fun, relaxed, and comfortable attire. I saw a lot of short shorts, sandals, boots, kimonos, and dope hair. The self expression is amazing and I’m here for all of it.


I wanted to post my  own Coachella inspired outfit for my readers. I’m kind of obsessed with flowers in my fro at the moment so I worked the outfit around the floral head band. The festival reminds me of the legendary Woodstock Festival just less grungy because both are very youthful. I don’t typically wear shorts because I can’t stand my thigh rub  sticking together especially when it gets hot. I wanted to show off my gladiator sandals and Ithought the shorts work really well with them. The sandals are unbelievably comfortable and they fit nicely over the calve muscles. I chose a neutral color so that I can get more wear out of them.


The kimono was a must have, the print is really pretty and it jazzed up the outfit. It was also affordable, the only problem I had with it was the sleeves were a little too tight, they just made it over my elbows. Will you be trying the festival inspired look this summer?









Kimono: Buy it here

Sandals: Buy it here

Necklace: My old jewelry line

Shorts: Buy it here

Blouse: TJMaxx

Peace, Love, and Happiness

Black Leather Shorts & Pink Blouse…

Happy Sunday everyone! This weekend has been super productive 😉 After an event full Saturday night that consists of good old fashion wining and dining. I was happy to step out in style, with some of this seasons trends, leather and polka dot.

I found these shorts at Forever 21, I’m loving the leather look and they stretch *Yay!!! & doing the happy dance..LOL!! They have the nicest fit all around and the price was reasonable.

I found these tights at one of my favorite spots, TJMaxx, just love that place, there is always the combination of quality and trendy. I can’t wait to grab a few things from there for Christmas gifts and myself of course in the coming month.

I stopped by my local barber and trimmed a little off the back and sides of my hair for a more edgy look, thinking of going with a darker color for the winter. I haven’t been to an actual hair dresser in over 6 months, it’s just not in the budget so it’s a great thing to get a $15 cut at the barber shop and do the rest your self to save money.

I hope you enjoy the week..don’t work too hard and thanks for stopping by I love visitors!

Cruising On The Queen…

 I have to admit today was one hell of a day! I was so excited to check out this Brazilian Boat Cruise at Pier 40 in NYC.

         Talk about a great time on a budget $40 includes admission, 2 drinks, and a buffet style dinner.

It’s so difficult to find fun and enjoyable things locally that don’t cost a fortune.

 I took the train into the city and wanted to be completely comfortable. I figured a pair of jeans and a pretty top would work best.

                                            I  mix and match my wardrobe as much as possible.

             The jeans are my absolute fave, they are so comfortable and the shirt has a great fit as well.

                 The day was incredible, blue skies, about 80 degrees, and smooth sailing on the water.

I loved the view on the boat, the food was yummy, and the music was a perfect mix. I’m looking forward to more local happenings before fall arrives.

                                                                    Enjoy the week 😉



Island Flower…

Funny enough the day started out dreadful. It rained the day before and on the day I took these pictures the clouds were charcoal grey. It was nice to see the sun shining but then came the humidity.

I thought the colors looked a bit more spring than summer. I love the pale mint green and coral combination. I’m an Island girl and I love color year round.

 The nail color is a seafoam green, and I stole my mothers Ann Taylor pearl and rhinestone clutch.

I love to keep things simple, lady like, and clean at all times. Being a woman and feminine are just a few things that make me smile.

I hope you guys enjoy this pictures, I’ve been working on taking more pictures to show the outfits at different angels.



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