The Red Factor…

Hi beauties soooooo…I tried red hues as my first hair color. I think I may like it even more when my little afro starts growing in more. I think with the hair being so short, it’s hard to really appreciate the red color but since I’ve used the same red hair dye previously when my hair was longer and processed I know that it will grow on me. I imagine that before the year is over I’ll have tried at least two other hair colors (blond & golden copper) for sure. I purchased new makeup to work with the new shade. I’m a drug store junkie, so I find a bunch of stuff to makeup and skin care products to buy every time I go. I’m having fun with the new do and I’m in the mood to experiment.  Which color do you prefer so far?

Hair update: Always reinventing Me…

Hi beauties! I finally made it to the salon. I wanted to change things up a bit cause I got tired of the dark hair color. The darker color worked well for winter but I wanted to brighten things up for the spring. Well, do you like? I’m always happy when I have my stylist Paula of Hair It Is Salon in Norwalk CT color and style my hair. She does an amazing job and I’m always happy with the end result. I’ll be heading back to lift the darker hair color closer to the summer for a really bold blond look 😉

<Me & short hair have a serious love affair >

If your ever in the Norwalk, CT area I would highly recommend checking out this salon. There information is as follows:

Address: 33 Wall St, Norwalk, CT 06850
Phone:(203) 831-8792

Returning To YouTube…

Hi Guys! I’m taking another stab at YouTube. It’s been two years since I tried it for the first time and I thought it was time to do a new video. I’ll be utilizing my YouTube channel a lot more for OOTD features, health and beauty, personal stories etc. Please show support by Subbing and leaving a comment under each video, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for the continued support & XOXO.


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