The Red Factor…

Hi beauties soooooo…I tried red hues as my first hair color. I think I may like it even more when my little afro starts growing in more. I think with the hair being so short, it’s hard to really appreciate the red color but since I’ve used the same red hair dye previously when my hair was longer and processed I know that it will grow on me. I imagine that before the year is over I’ll have tried at least two other hair colors (blond & golden copper) for sure. I purchased new makeup to work with the new shade. I’m a drug store junkie, so I find a bunch of stuff to makeup and skin care products to buy every time I go. I’m having fun with the new do and I’m in the mood to experiment.  Which color do you prefer so far?

Bye- Bye Creamy crack!

Please pardon the rachet hair cut that I did myself this past weekend….LOL! Well no surprise here, I’ve decided to return to my natural hair, no more perms aka creamy crack. Most people would probably shrug at the very idea of posting a picture like this but it’s neither here nor there to me. I’ve learned over time to become more and more accepting of myself, that means physically and mentally. I know so many of you view my blog posts and social media links and see a made up ( hair did, makeup, etc..) Roxy. Well this picture, taken right after I literally took a pair of scissors to my permed hair says, I love who I am without all the extra stuff.  

I’m going to get my hair cut professionally tomorrow and then it will be some time for the perm to grow out. I’ll naturally style it and polish off the new do once it’s cut the right way 😉 It will be pretty low and I don’t plan on adding any braids or extensions,weaves, or wigs anytime soon. I encourage anyone thinking of going back to their natural hair to just do it, more thought went into if whether or not I should post this picture.



Hair Frenzy

Winter hair is probably the hardest thing to maintain when your African American. The hair texture tends to be very dry and produces more breakage than when it’s warmer weather. I had amazing blond highlights all summer and I loved them, my hair was fairly easy to maintain. I wanted to change things up a bit for the winter so I made a hair appointment and went for a  semi-permanent red color. The only problem is that the red washes out too easily and its really annoying to constantly rinse it each time. I have processed hair to make it worse so the combination of rinsing the hair then perming the hair, will only require more work for me so I’m undecided….ugh!  Decisions, decisions.   
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