Hair That’s Easy As 1- 2- 3…

Hi everyone!! So never thought that cutting my hair off would cause so much conversation lol!! Just about everyone I ran into today was like ” OMG you just chopped it off “, uuuuhhhhmmmm..YEAH! It’s hair and it grows back. It was short anyways…right? I’m so ready for color now, checked in and created my Pinterest board called ” Make It Snappy Nappy” and found all the short natural hair styles and colors that I’m ready to try. Hair is so much fun to me, I love changing it up as much as possible. What color do you think I should try?

I see who my son looks like *giggles… I think I’ll even use some lashes now, I put them on from time to time but now that my hair is so short, I feel like I’m missing something. I’m thinking this will be my overall look for the rest of the summer. I’m either gonna go for bold lip color and ultra sexy eyes or nude lip color and bold eye shadow shades…such fun 😉


No Fuss MakeUp…

I love makeup but I honestly don’t like it when it’s heavy, overdone, or takes over 10 minutes to apply. I’m always checking out these Youtube channels for new application techniques. I never want to look overdone, I love wearing makeup because it completes the look I’m trying to achieve but I don’t want it to look like it’s wearing me :-). Since the weather is changing I wanted to try golden hues. I love a sun kissed complexion that glows and I will be changing my hair color back to my golden highlights, I’ve been trying new makeup. 
I’m wearing Mac Studio fix, with Mac concealer. I have on Mary Kay’s Golden Copper, L’Oreal lash extender #675, Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner, Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow #570….hope you like the pictures. 
 Which hair color do you prefer?       


Upcoming Chop ;-)

I’m already getting inspired for my upcoming hair cut & style 😉 It’s a cross between these two styles. The color will be dark, just can’t do the blond at this time, besides been there and done that already. I’m going for a darker hue, rich brown, with copper highlights ( yipeee)! I’m thinking I like RiRi’s length but Emeli’s swoop, can’t wait to hit the salon chair, stay tuned…   

Red Alert!

I’ve had my blond highlights in for about a year now and I’ve gotten bored with it at this point.

I love color, especially red, it’s my favorite color. I’ve done red a number of times, love it, but it turns brown after no time at all. I enjoy experimenting with colors, especially colors that work well with my complexion. I found this color at a local Walgreen’s and processed the color myself. It’s pretty bright and very rich coloring. The color is called “Ruby Quake”.


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