Floral Print Dress & Afro Love




Hi guys!!..It’s your soul sista…LOL… It’s just me fooling around with another change up of my hair. Actually I was in the process of blowing out my hair for the halo braid that I blogged about recently and I wanted to showoff my afro. I’ve kept my hair trimmed and tapered on the sides and the back for months but it has grown out so much and I love it.  I feel like Foxy Brown, bold and sexy with my fro.

I don’t know that I will wear it often but I think once I add some color to it and shape it up, it will be fabulous. I think the summer heat might be too much for a fro. When it gets humid, the hair tightens up into tiny curls and is difficult to maintain. Maybe I need the right type of product to make it work out for me.



I found this cute floral dress from TJMaxx and I like that it ties around the neck. I don’t usually like floral patterns. If it’s too much of any print it reminds me of upholstery for furniture or drapes and we don’t want that now do we?

I have another fun weekend coming up and since my son is out of school for the summer he and I can really hang and do some mommy and son stuff…I Hope you all have an amazing day!













Dress: TJMaxx

Shoes: JCPenny




Striped Turtleneck Sweater & Blue Jeans…

Hi lovies!! I’ve had a fantastic long weekend and hope you all did as well. I got so much accomplished and I’m caught up with things that would otherwise be overlooked during the busy week.

I’m not into Black Friday shopping so can’t say I was out and about like many other shoppers. I did stop in at two local retailers just to see if I could find any deals. I wasn’t all that impressed but I did buy one or two things on that day.

I’m all about staying on budget these days so while I love shopping, I realize that I’m already blessed with so much already. I recycle my wardrobe and find more outfit creations than ever before.

I bought these yellow neon shoes at Aldo over the summer. I honestly never thought I’d get that much use out of them because there so bright. I love shoes but have been guilty of buying ones that I only wear a few times. I love that this seasons bright colored trend allows me to get my monies worth out of these shoes. 

I had to have this sweater when I saw it, it’s winter already but I like to keep things cheery with a splash of color instead of the typical dark hues.

Hope you enjoy the pictures, thanks for visit, leave a comment 😉 

Kiss, Kiss!

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