Beauty Basics…From a Drug Store Beauty…

Hi beauties! I wanted to share some of my beauty basics. I haven’t shared my makeup bag must have’s in a minute. I’m totally a “drugstore beauty” because with the exception of my MAC studio fix foundation and Ambering Rose cheek blush, I buy everything else from the local drugstore or Walmart. I’ve been shopping around for new makeup to compliment my natural hair. It was red but unfortunately it’s already washed out to a rich brown color. I’ll put a rinse in it soon but for now I’ll keep it brown , which is my natural hair color. If you’ve read my previous posts, you see that I’m trying to work on popping eye colors and nude or earth-tone colored lip colors. I feel like everything has to look natural for some reason 😉 
I’ve shared a few of my current faves with you. I hope you all find it helpful if your shopping around for new makeup to add to your collection. 
Foundation: MAC Studio Fix *I use base color around the eyes—>/ Base: Cover Girl
Cheek: MAC Amboring Rose Blush
Lipstick: Loreal #815  Ginger Spice
Lipgloss: Loreal Color Riche #805 Soft Nude
Eyeshadow: Revlon Colorstay #570 Luscious
Eyeshadow: Wet N Wild  Coloricon Collection #737″ Blue Had Me At Hello” & #738 Comfort Zone”
Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash & Wet N Wild “Mega Plump”
Lashes: Salon Perfect: Perfectly Natural Multi Pack (4) lashes
***Anything highlighted in red is what I have on in the photograph**

No Fuss MakeUp…

I love makeup but I honestly don’t like it when it’s heavy, overdone, or takes over 10 minutes to apply. I’m always checking out these Youtube channels for new application techniques. I never want to look overdone, I love wearing makeup because it completes the look I’m trying to achieve but I don’t want it to look like it’s wearing me :-). Since the weather is changing I wanted to try golden hues. I love a sun kissed complexion that glows and I will be changing my hair color back to my golden highlights, I’ve been trying new makeup. 
I’m wearing Mac Studio fix, with Mac concealer. I have on Mary Kay’s Golden Copper, L’Oreal lash extender #675, Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner, Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow #570….hope you like the pictures. 
 Which hair color do you prefer?       


Revealing The Real You…

I was so moved by a recent article that I read on Essence online written by a poplar makeup artist in defense of what she believed was online bullying of her clients after she posted a before and after photograph of her clients. Initially when I saw the photographs, prior to the article, I was like wow she does an amazing job of bringing out the inner beauty of these women. I wasn’t surprised to find out after the fact that people were being overly critical of the people featured in the photographs.
I see it so often online, this ongoing bullying, harsh comments, and people really going in on others just because. I was pleased that the makeup artist came out in defense of her clients because she’s absolutely right, we don’t all have flawless skin or bodies like models but that doesn’t make us less beautiful at all!
At times my skin is clearer than others, for the most part I have minimal break outs but that was not always the case. I can remember going through high school blemish free but having acne issues during college. I tried everything at the time, changed my diet, used a million different products, and eventually the acne just stopped, I couldn’t tell you what I did or didn’t do to make it go away.   
Photograph by makeup artist used in article

I wish people weren’t so quick to judge but that’s asking a lot these days, it’s like open bashing season online. It makes me wonder how they would have felt if they saw only the made up picture first and then the original picture after, we can only stay hidden behind our makeup, hair extensions, and clothing for so long. We are all human beings, so very different, yet so very similar at the same time and that’s what I believe makes us all so beautiful. 


Returning To YouTube…

Hi Guys! I’m taking another stab at YouTube. It’s been two years since I tried it for the first time and I thought it was time to do a new video. I’ll be utilizing my YouTube channel a lot more for OOTD features, health and beauty, personal stories etc. Please show support by Subbing and leaving a comment under each video, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for the continued support & XOXO.


Top 6 Fave Lipstick Shades…

Hi beauties *kiss *kiss! I wanted to share my personal top six fave lipstick shades. These are lipsticks that I currently use. I’m a huge fan of L’Oreal, MAC, and Mary Kay. I see all these new colorful lipstick shades like, purple, green, and blue out on the market lately but I won’t be trying any unusual colors 😉

I have full lips and for me that says a lot about the shades that I pick for my lip color. I do not like bright, overly colorful and unusual colors because it just will not look right on me. Besides, I’m OK with not trying every new trend.
For me the lipstick has to have some degree of shine, not too oily, and I hate lipstick that cakes up and smudges for every little thing you do. I look for long lasting, practical colors, that work well with my complexion.
I find that L’Oreal has a great combination of shades, cost, and accessibility because I can grab one at the local drug store or Walmart. For a mother always on the go accessibility is a big factor for me. I love MAC but rarely have time to head to the local mall for a new lipstick and Mary Kay has to be ordered *ugh! 

Check them out…Hope you like!


MAC Studio Fix Foundation Review…

I’ve been a huge fan of MAC Studio Fix powder foundation for years because it works wonderfully with my skin type, which is a combination of normal to oily.  The foundation goes on easily, it makes my skin appear smoother and even toned. I’m also very impressed with the shades of there makeup selection because it matches perfectly with my complexion. 
I love that the foundation isn’t heavy, doesn’t cake up through out the day, and it lasts for a really long time. On average I can use this foundation for at least a year, not sure if anyone else feels the same but I just don’t need to apply much. I’m very particular about shades and I find that it’s really difficult to find the right shade for darker complexions. I use NW45 which I purchase whenever needed from my local mall.
I would definitely recommend MAC Studio Fix Foundation. There is a great selection of shades for all complexions, the makeup blends well, looks great, and you really get your moneys worth. Check back for more reviews on other MAC products because I love so much of there cosmetics.

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