10 Random Facts About Me…

Hi loves, it’s a snowed in kind of  day in CT. We got over a foot of snow between yesterday and today. Needless to say, we’re not going anywhere. The streets are covered and it will take a few days to dig out of this mess. I recently came across a random facts post on another persons blog and thought it would be a great idea for me to share a few random facts about myself, so here I go… 

10 Random Facts About Me

1.    I don’t go to the hair salon more than 2 times a year. I do my hair myself because I wash my hair every day, which is crazy because it’s not necessary. It’s also why I can’t wear weaves and braids. If I don’t wash my hair, I pick at my scalp and hate the smell of the oils it produces.
2.    I love English accents and listen to music in different languages all the time. Even though, I don’t know what they are saying.
3.    I hated my lips growing up because everyone teased me about the size of them. I avoided wearing red lipstick because I didn’t want to bring attention to my lips. I’m clearly over that now and wear more red lipstick than any other shade.
4.    I can’t swim, I panic in deep waters because I almost drowned when I was little. Funny thing, I’m from an island (Jamaica) 😉
5.    I love pretty teeth and it’s the first thing I notice about people
6.     I love spinach in anything and I hate milk by itself, except chocolate milk
7.    I don’t like socks, even in the winter, headbands, because they give me a headache, or stockings because they make me itch
8.    I love real life crime TV, murder mysteries, and horror films
9.    I love very, very dark complexions, it reminds me of velvet, if that makes any sense.
10.                      I don’t know the words to most songs that I love, which is why I love karaoke because it gives the lyrics to songs, I’ve probably changed the lyrics to every song unknowingly. 

Please share a random fact about yourself!


Revealing The Real You…

I was so moved by a recent article that I read on Essence online http://ow.ly/h4JWA written by a poplar makeup artist in defense of what she believed was online bullying of her clients after she posted a before and after photograph of her clients. Initially when I saw the photographs, prior to the article, I was like wow she does an amazing job of bringing out the inner beauty of these women. I wasn’t surprised to find out after the fact that people were being overly critical of the people featured in the photographs.
I see it so often online, this ongoing bullying, harsh comments, and people really going in on others just because. I was pleased that the makeup artist came out in defense of her clients because she’s absolutely right, we don’t all have flawless skin or bodies like models but that doesn’t make us less beautiful at all!
At times my skin is clearer than others, for the most part I have minimal break outs but that was not always the case. I can remember going through high school blemish free but having acne issues during college. I tried everything at the time, changed my diet, used a million different products, and eventually the acne just stopped, I couldn’t tell you what I did or didn’t do to make it go away.   
Photograph by makeup artist used in article

I wish people weren’t so quick to judge but that’s asking a lot these days, it’s like open bashing season online. It makes me wonder how they would have felt if they saw only the made up picture first and then the original picture after, we can only stay hidden behind our makeup, hair extensions, and clothing for so long. We are all human beings, so very different, yet so very similar at the same time and that’s what I believe makes us all so beautiful. 


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