Why I love High-Waisted Skinny Jeans & You Should Too


Are you wearing the wrong style jeans? I know that there are so many jean styles on the market that work for different body shapes. I personally live for high waisted skinnies because it works best for my pear shaped body. I think the trick to finding the right type of jeans is to first identify your own body type. A pear shaped body type has a smaller bust, waist, and we are more heavy curvy on the bottom, as a matter of fact when I put on weight, it shows most in my legs and butt. I think that high waisted jeans work best for curvy girls like myself.



I love it when I come across the perfect pair of jeans. I consider the perfect jeans one that makes my waist look smaller, they have to stretch, hide belly fat, and belly bulge. I avoid low-rise or hipster jeans because they expose muffin tops and butt crack. If I find a pair of jeans that fit my hips and butt really good, it usually has too much room in the back. When I find one pair that works, I usually pick up the same style in several colors. I don’t like spending a fortune on jeans, I won’t pay over $40 for a pair jeans. I buy jeans any where I find them and I have no loyalty to any particular brand. The pair I’m wearing are Signature Levi Strauss & Co. from Walmart they cost $20.





I have big calves, thick thighs, and plenty of booty. I look for jeans that not only compliment my figure but they have to be comfortable. I don’t want to always wear a belt to keep them from having a big gap in the back. It use to be frustrating finding a nice pair of jeans that almost fit. I use to take in the back of all my pants until high waisted fashion came into the picture. I love how nowadays more and more fashion is made for curvy women who don’t wear size 4, I’m a size 10. I think more women are beginning to celebrate there bodies and companies are finally paying attention.




The fact that the word “curvy” is now used in describing a line or collection of clothing makes me happy. I like Walmart’s selection because they are affordable and they usually come in a few other colors, so I can grab more than one pair. A higher waist is a plus because you can rock a crop top, tuck the shirt in and have a polished look in in the end. I found the top at TJ Maxx, it’s a pastel pink color with crotchet design. It hangs off the shoulder and adds a feminine and sexy feel to the outift. I wore the shoes in a recent post with a rolled up leg jean style, I think they look great with skinny jeans as well. This is one trend I’m happy to see make a come back from “mom jeans” status to a more trendy, flattering jean style. I personally hope the style stays around for as long as possible. What are some of your favorite jean styles?






Enjoy the rest of the week!

Blouse: TJ Maxx, similar here

Jeans: Walmart

Shoes: JCPenny


Orange Skinny Jeans, Cream, & Leather…

Hello everyone! I have to admit, this OOTD thing can be a lot of work! I love dressing up but taking good pictures that showcase the complete wardrobe can be time consuming.

 At times you think your doing well and then you load the pictures and your making crazy expressions in too many shots. I usually delete them but I decided that I’m gonna start sharing some of the funnies as well in each post.

I try not to take myself too seriously as a blogger because I set out to just enjoy the experience and learn a thing or two about my personal style. 

I imagine that some outfits will be wonderful at times and others may not be to your liking BUT…HEY, that’s why it’s called my personal style…it’s mine and I like it 😉

I’m a pretty basic person, I love comfort and easy outfit creations. If it’s too much work, then it’s just not for me. I come across so many outfit ideas as a blogger but find that it’s easier doing what works best for me. I use bits and pieces of different styles I come across but always add my own twist.

 This OOTD is signature of my everyday style, which is jeans, pumps, a cute top and nice handbag. It’s basic and minimal fuss…just the way I like things.

I hope you like the pictures, I had a blast taking these, the photographer was hilarious!! 

My photographer of the day and friend MICHELLE…I love her, such a rock star personality and fun as hell to be around ;-))