Pink Cardigan & White Ripped Jeans



After putting on those few extra pounds, I’ve decided to change up my wardrobe a little. I’ve always been a fan of fitted clothing but lately it seems to hug me in all the wrong places. I think once I shed the weight, I’ll feel more comfortable wearing certain styles. Until then I want my clothing to flow and compliment my curves.


Women always want to feel sexy and pretty no matter the age or the circumstance. There are two breast cancer survivors that I follow on social media, Bold & Breastless and the other Prayers for Paulette 8 Children primarily because I can relate to them. I think they both show what true beauty means after cancer attacks your body. I love that they are using their personal testimonies to advocate for change and bring awareness to the harsh realities of the disease. When I considered getting back to blogging, I shot myself down every time because I knew I wouldn’t look or feel the same. I can remember days when I didn’t even want to get out of bed. I was fatigue all the time and I went through periods of depression. Basically I was a mess but seeing them fight the disease, raise their kids and maintain optimistic attitudes made them even more appealing. I thought if they could do it then so can I.





I want to do things I enjoy for as long as possible or until my body says otherwise. My advice to anyone facing chronic or terminal illness would be to “live the best possible life you can live with no regrets.” I believe in starting by eliminating the things that don’t bring you happiness. Then change the way you treat yourself. Always love yourself, forgive yourself, and listen to what makes your heart smile. Don’t wait for anyone to give you what your lacking, make it happen for yourself.




Please check out my video, I watched it over and over again…cracked myself up but I’m really proud of myself for giving it a shot. Who knows maybe I might make more!






Jeans: JCPenny

Shoe: By Anna: JCPenny

Cardigan: Similar Here

Blouse: TJMaxx/similar Here



Love & Happiness