Thrifted Mini Red Dress & Lace Up Heels


Hey guys! It’s hump day…I love saying that…Lol. I wanted to share my thrifted $5 dress from Goodwill. Ladies don’t sleep on thrift stores. I know we all want the latest clothing and accessories out there but if you have to break the bank to buy it, then it just isn’t worth it…at least it isn’t to me.

I learned thrifting from my mother, I come from a immigrant family and when she arrived in the US, she had little to nothing to support her six children. She started doing house keeping for wealthy families, then on to nursing school and she thrifts more than ever these days. My mother always told us that some of the best quality items were in thrift stores. She would say they don’t make good furniture and linens like they use to and I couldn’t agree more.


I thrift because it’s fun! I usually go with the intentions of buying one or two items and walk out with several bags. I can’t go with anyone but my mother, it takes us forever to comb through the racks and I have to focus. When my son comes along he complains the entire time.

What I enjoy the most is finding something that I can dress up or down and make it look like it never came out a thrift store, that’s the key to thrifting. I buy household items all the time and paint, sand, and redecorate them with my own personal touch.


I thought the dress was sexy. I love red and skater dresses fit my pear shaped figure. It shows lots of legs and looks really good with these strappy shoes. What do you think? Do you thrift?

I thought this look would be great for date night. It’s not too much and you can throw on a belt and a few different types of accessories and make it your own. Enjoy the pictures and thanks as always for stopping by!



Dress: Thrifted see similar here

Choker; Buy it here

Shoes: Buy it here



Goodwill Hunting…

Happy Fall ladies! It’s already chilly out in the early mornings and at night. I actually enjoy the weather and must admit that fall is one of my favorite seasons, right behind summer 😉 I mainly like fall for the fashion, I think there’s so much fashion to display during the fall than any other season. I love that it’s cool enough to throw on a light leather or denim jacket and still showoff your style, without being all bundled up. I especially like the fall because of the colors, warm colors are all around and the leaves turning colors are just mother natures way of showing us all the beauty around us everyday.
This outfit is another thrifted find, $5 Worthington pants $2 Ann Taylor shirt. The shirt is my fave because the ruffles make it a little less ordinary. I hope you all are off to a great start this week… Enjoy 🙂






For The Thriftanista…

Happy Friday to Ya! Happy Friiii-daaay 😉 LOL makes me want to sing happy songs when the weekend is near. I haven’t been sharing all my thrifted finds lately but I’d like to introduce you to my $5 Bebe pants $3 H&M top, courtesy of Good Will. I stop in my local thrift stores as often as possible because I love racking up on huge savings. I was looking for new dress slacks and I found like 6 pairs along with some pretty tops…thumbs up for me!
I can’t wait to share more of my thrift finds with you in upcoming posts. I think I’m pretty good at combing through sales racks and finding pieces that I can add to my closet. What do you think of my latest find?  I hope polka dots are still in because I’m pretty obsessed with anything with polka dots….Whelp! enjoy the pictures and have an amazing weekend!




Luv Ya!


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