Recap Nail Therapy by Critique


I had planned on spending the rest of Sunday being a coach potato until I got a text reminder from a friend about a local event at a nail salon. I don’t polish my nails professionally often because some times I enjoy doing it at home but I do love a great hand and foot massage. I also love supporting black owned businesses because I know how difficult it can be to get one off the ground successfully. I went to the event because I’m still getting familiar with the Columbia area, I’ve lived here for close to 3 years and I’m just finding my way around town. When I find out about a great small business like Nail Therapy by Critique I have to check out the services they offer for myself.

I was immediately sold on the interior design an set up of the salon. It is beautiful inside, it gives off that at home feeling, with a splash of apple green walls that happens to match the color in my bedroom…thumbs up for that! I’m also a art lover, black art lover to be exact and there is no shortage of black art prints and African artifacts throughout the salon. The layout is clean, the staff is friendly, and I enjoyed the services they provided.


Today I took advantage of a foot massage, I had a henna tattoo drawn on my hand, and I purchased a gift certificate because I will be back. The next time I go I’ll have to get a manicure and pedicure done. The foot massage was amazing!! I didn’t even want to put my shoes back on. Most nail salons are Asian owned and operated and you very rarely see men much less black men working in them. That alone makes me want to support because I think more African American people need to understand that we do not have to limit ourselves to one particular role in life. The henna tattoo was just cool, I enjoy doing different things so this is right up my alley. I told her to pick any design she wanted to draw, she has a book that you can look through but I like when an artist shows off their creativity. The owner Courtney is adorable, pleasant and professional. I wish her much success with her business, she’s already off to a fabulous start.

If your ever in the Columbia area and in need of some much needed mani & pedi love, stop by and check out Nail Therapy by Critique at 1501 Bush River Rd. (803) 728-0486.




I of course had to share what I wore..LOL! I’m so lazy about my hair guys, I mean I do this halo braid every day because I don’t feel like doing my fro. It’s so easy to pull off and the style works good for work and play. I’m also obsessed with chokers. I was when they were originally popular in the 90’s and this is one trend that can stay because I think chokers are super sexy on women. You can dress a choker up or down. I love to see it worn with the hair pulled back in a neat ballerina bun.

Since it’s basically fall, which happens to be one of my favorite seasons, expect to see me in more jeans. I wear dresses all summer but fall calls for every color jeans possible with light weight sweaters. What are some of your fall favorites? As usual thanks for stopping by  & enjoy the pictures!!!
















Kiss Kiss


Gwynnie Bee Dress Review


I selected this dress so that I could try out the Gwynnie Bee free 30 day subscription. I’ve seen other bloggers advertising what they have received from their subscription and I thought, why not give them a shot! First off I didn’t think they started at size 10, I think anything beyond a size 2 is considered plus size instead of “real life size” these days. I don’t think I’ve ever been smaller than a size 4 and that was in my early teens. I’ve always been size 8-10 depending on cut and the type of fabric.

I can appreciate the quality, fit, and design of this dress. I thought the dress was well made. It fit perfectly and I love the neckline, length, and embroidered floral design. It was fairly easy to order, arrived quickly, and they send a prepaid bag to return the garment. You have the option to buy the garment and you can prioritize one garment over another so you can get what you really want right away.

Overall I think the idea is pure genius! Connect with them on Facebook and Instagram to find out about great deals and the latest fashion.





Lots of Love,


Boho Betty Wrap Bracelet Review


I’m absolutely in love with this chic bracelet from Boho-Betty! They reached out to me to try one of their beautiful wrap bracelets. These gorgeous wrap bracelets come in a variety of colors and styles. I chose the Norah Jones bracelet, it fits perfectly, the quality was exception, but they are a little pricey.

Take advantage of this 20% discounted offer by using this link to purchase your own and use coupon code HELLO! You can connect with Boho-Betty on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to view more stunning pieces and be the first to know about new products!

The opinions expressed here represent my own. I have not been paid to post this review.

















Date Night Outfit: Bodycon Red Dress & Black Pumps


Hi it’s been really crazy in the world, the tragic deaths of Alston Sterling, Philandro Castile, and the four Dallas police officers has made it difficult to blog. I don’t typically use my blog to discuss issues like this but when it affects the way you view and live your life, it’s hard to stay silent. I spent the past week watching the news non stop and engaging on my other social media platforms about the tragic loss of so many lives due to guns and police brutality.

Honestly by the end of the week I felt like a zombie. Everything was so overwhelming and draining. Racism continues to rear it’s ugly head and Satan has definitely been enjoying the way we are all tearing each other apart over skin color. Personally I believe that there is only one race, the “human race.” We all bleed red and have the same basic needs, it’s so sickening to see us murder each other without any regard for that human beings worth and purpose in life.



I believe that Black Lives Matter, which should not be interpreted as only black lives matter! I believe that any human life is valuable, whether they are black, white, Asian, Hispanic, gay, straight, law enforcement, etc. I think the minute we think that one life is more valuable than another, we start this race war all over again. I hate it, It makes my heart hurt to see how we treat each other. It’s not just a white or black thing, it’s about doing the right thing. We are ALL God’s children.

Now that I’ve said what’s been on my mind…lets talk about some fun stuff. The stuff I enjoy because it wasn’t too long ago that my life was in jeopardy and at the time my race & bank account really didn’t matter. I’m here to enjoy my life, I want to make every single day count. This is my first outfit post since all the madness and I was happy to get dressed and head out for the evening.

I put in these braids about a week ago and I’m still loving the way they look. I’ve managed to keep them as neat as possible and I have gotten creative with all types of ways to style braids. I’ll probably keep them in for another week and then I’m not sure what I’ll be doing next. I’m trying not to cut my afro because I need the length to try a few other styles that I think will fit my personality and style.



I purchased this bodycon dress from Forever 21 in early spring and never wore it. I couldn’t find it for a while and when I did find it in the back of the closet, I couldn’t decide on where I would go in it. It’s a perfect date night dress, I love that it’s sexy and fitted. I think it can be worn with different types of shoes. I chose these pumps that I got on sale at Target but I have several other shoes and sandals that would look great as well. They have these tiny cut out patterns on the front that make the shoe different. I had to find an excuse to purchase them because I didn’t need another black pump in my collection… *wink.

Please enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to leave some feedback for me. I would love to hear your opinion of my box braids!










Dress: Forever 21 see similar here

Shoes: Target buy it here

Spread LOVE not hate!



Celebrate Your Curves: Graphic T & Bikini Bottom



It takes a whole lot of nerve to rock a bikini when your curvy. Once you have kids, gain weight, and life happens, it just feels like a bikini is for girls in there teens or early 20’s…as if I’m that old…LOL! I’m pear shaped, which means that I carry most of my weight on the bottom. It isn’t all that bad, except choosing the right bikini can be challenging.

I typically go for wider bands on the side and a slightly higher waist. I fell in love with the tropical print but couldn’t find a top to go with it. I’m not into showing my stomach  because I have stretch marks from having my son. I usually only wear high waisted swimsuits or one piece swimsuits but wanted to try something different. I’m a fan of graphic T-shirts. I thought the message on this T-shirt said it all ” Thick Thighs Save Lives.” I’m all for celebrating women with flaws. Even the skinniest women have flaws, it’s a part of life, just except it.




T-shirt: Find it here

Bikini Bottom: Find it here



Nautical Striped Dress


Hi guys! I’m not sure why I buy so many striped dresses. I think I buy one or two every year, they are all kind of different but I took a count the other day and I have at least 8 striped dress..whats up with that?

I found this one at TJMaxx and I of course I had to have it, just because it was off the shoulder. I think the neckline is so pretty and feminine.


The dress is also a really comfortable fit and great length. The Nautical stripes can be worn for spring or summer. I usually pick thin strips, I don’t like wide stripes because I’m not tall and slender, I think the wider stripes make me look short and heavy.

I’m looking forward to adding more prints and patterns to my wardrobe. I have some ankara but I would love to have more. What prints are you rocking this summer?










Dress: TJMaxx buy similar here

Shoes: By it here

Sunglasses: Walmart buy it here



How I styled My Thrifted Green Mini Dress



Hello! I’ve been lazy about blogging lately. It’s much easier to post a quick picture to Instagram and keep it moving. I don’t think that people realize just how much work goes into writing an actual blog post.

What I do find easy is a day of thrifting. I always find something when I go to my local thrift stores. I may only find a belt or a pretty blouse at times, I’m always excited about saving money and I enjoy finding new things because it brings out my creative side. Sometimes I find an amazing print or pattern and other times I find a plain piece that I can style my way.


This green dress is a perfect example, it was less than $6 and it came with a matching belt. I decided to style it with my thrifted leather belt instead. I’ve had the shoes forever, the brown color matched the belt perfectly even though, I bought them years a part. I threw in the sunflower..because I’m over the top..LOL!!! No seriously, I had an extra sunflower from one of my DIY flower crowns laying around my room.

I love color, I think it’s the island girl in me. I don’t know if color blocking is still an in thing but yellow and green is one of my favorite color combinations. When I bought the dress, I wanted a casual around town look. Something I could throw on with a pair of sandals and run errands or go on a lunch date. It’s nothing fancy but that’s just it, I find the best everyday wear at the thrift store.











Hope you Luv it the photos,


Simple Summer Style Lookbook: Aqua Blue Dress


Get ready for lots of color on the blog, I love a variety of bright, happy colors for the summer. With it being sunny and hot in the South I typically go for clothing that is light weight and has cotton blends for comfort.  I found this dress at sears for $15 and I had to have this color. The aqua color is so pretty and it compliments my skin tone. I don’t think that the photograph really shows off how pretty the dress is. The top of the dress is sheer and flowy while the bottom part is more fitted. It’s simple and sexy and goes nicely with some accessories that I already had in my jewelry chest.

I’m continuing the trend of neutral footwear, as I stated in my previous posts I think that when your rocking colors, nude footwear works best. I really like the design of the shoe the most. It has this wing effect on the sides and the small cutouts make the shoe more interesting. At first I thought it had a lot going on with laces and all but they have grown on me. They are also extremely comfortable to wear all day. Enjoy the pictures loves, and have a great week!





















Dress: Sears Buy it here

Shoes: Buy it here


High Waisted Two Piece Swimsuit




I finally found a two piece swimsuit that I like. I wanted something basic so that I can mix and match the top and bottom with other sets. I found a really cute tropical bottom at Target but couldn’t find a top to go with it. When I saw this set I thought I can use that top with different swimsuit bottoms, the same goes for the bottom.

I’m feeling adventurous these days, a few months ago I wouldn’t dream of putting on a bathing suit much less a two piece style. My body isn’t where I want it to be but I’m proud of myself for trying to regain my confidence and love for myself. When I go with a two piece, I definitely go for a higher waist to help tuck everything in a accentuate my waist line. As a matter of fact I this the higher waist is perfect for curvy girls all around.

The top gives a sporty look to the set, I’m super picky about tops because I have scars here & there that just haven’t faded much from the different surgeries. When I’m shopping for swimwear I keep all of that in mind. I don’t want bottoms that don’t fit properly or tops that don’t offer good coverage. What are some things that you take into consideration when looking for a swimsuit?



Swimsuit: Buy it here





One Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit



I just couldn’t pass this one shoulder swimsuit up! It’s rear that I find a swimsuit that I love as much as I do this one. When I saw it, I wasn’t sure about the one shoulder because I knew it would show the scaring from radiation. I burned really really badly from radiation. My skin completely peeled off on the right chest wall. I’m so surprised it’s healed as much as it has. I’m always lathering up the area with coconut oil to help fade the scar naturally. The area once felt like leather and it bothered me so much to show it. In fact I avoid certain necklines for that very reason.

I’ve come a long way…really proud of myself! I find so many nice pieces but I just couldn’t stand the way the discoloration. I loved the swimsuit so much and it fit great. It would be a plain old swimsuit without the ruffles. I was sold on that part of the design alone plus it covers another scar and my chemo port. I was at the pool for hours, my son can’t swim but he can’t wait to jump in. I’ve arranged for him to take swimming lessons at our local YMCA.



It got in the upper 90’s this past weekend and I decided to cool off at the pool. It was a good opportunity to rock this swimsuit. When I first got it in the mail it seemed too big. The size I’m wearing is 3x, I think I saw the size and immediately thought it wouldn’t fit but it’s Chinese sizing, which typically runs small so it worked out for me. It was so darn humid, I just couldn’t do the afro so I braided my hair with some braiding hair for fullness and did this halo braid. I told you all that this halo braid style is here to stay for the summer because it looks so neat and pretty.

There are a few other styles that I hope to try. I’m letting my sides and back grow back so the styles will look good when I attempt them. What do you are some ways you stay cool in the summer? Enjoy the pictures and the rest of the week!
















Swimsuit: Buy it here

shades: TJMaxx find similar here



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