Event Recap: Sip & Slay ” The Beautiful Brow Edition”


I recently attended the cutest event for women looking to sharpen their makeup skills and learn some new techniques from successful Youtube guru Ktura Kay. It’s always exciting for me when anything like this happens in Columbia,SC. In other cities like DC & NY events like this take place daily. Although, I arrived late and missed the live demo, I still found the event to be fun and the other women were warm and friendly. I’ll support and event for women who really do their thing on social media and in the real world. Ktura Kay is one of those women along with the other ladies from the organization The PeekABoo PrettyGirl Foundation and BLO II Vista, Blow Dry Bar.

Black girl magic is happening all around us! I think more and more young women are taking what they enjoy doing to a whole other level. They are forming success small businesses, making differences in the lives other others, and really lifting up each other and I’m here for all of it!



The event was an opportunity to network with others and see how build new relationships. I thought the hostess Ktura Kay was so humble and sweet. She has the warmest personality and the fact that she has over $19K subscribers on her Youtube channel is really a great accomplishment. I thought she is professional and beautiful, she answered questions, gave tips, and circled the room to get to know each person in attendance. She is definitely going places and doing big things in life.

When you surround yourself with positive people it motivates you in so many ways. I also met other women from the PeekABoo PrettyGirl Foundation,a non profit that goes out into the community to help those that are less fortunate. I can’t remember what I was doing at their age but it was nothing nearly as productive. After the event is was really nice to grab a bite to eat and have great conversation with a good friend. Please enjoy the pictures and what’s left of the week.







IMG_8581  IMG_8588










Summer Styling in Blue Maxi Dress


I think maxi dresses were made for the summer weather. I can’t think of a more comfortable thing to wear when its hot and humid outside. You can dress a maxi dress up or down very easily, they are usually pretty affordable and I have a nice variety of colors. I usually don’t pay anymore than $30 on a maxi dress. I prefer the jersey material because it has a little stretch and it doesn’t cost a whole lot.

The jersey material is practical for everyday wear. When I found this dress I immediately fell in love with the color, then I fell in love with the white trimming. During the day I’ll throw on some sandals, I also like maxi dresses with sneakers, basic skippies.



I’ve been trying bold lip colors, this one is called Va Va Violet by Revlon at my local Walgreens. The color is royal, rich, and bold. I think royal blue and purple shades compliment each other very well.

I also tried smaller bantu knots in my hair, I’m not sure that I love the smaller curls, they didn’t come out as defined as I wanted them to because it was so hot and humid the day I took the photos.  I’ll try a different technique next time. What summer styles are you looking forward to? Anywhoo…I’m swamped at work this week, can’t wait for a mini vacation.









Dress: Burkes Outlet: see similar here

Love, peace, & happiness



Floral Print Dress & Afro Love




Hi guys!!..It’s your soul sista…LOL… It’s just me fooling around with another change up of my hair. Actually I was in the process of blowing out my hair for the halo braid that I blogged about recently and I wanted to showoff my afro. I’ve kept my hair trimmed and tapered on the sides and the back for months but it has grown out so much and I love it.  I feel like Foxy Brown, bold and sexy with my fro.

I don’t know that I will wear it often but I think once I add some color to it and shape it up, it will be fabulous. I think the summer heat might be too much for a fro. When it gets humid, the hair tightens up into tiny curls and is difficult to maintain. Maybe I need the right type of product to make it work out for me.



I found this cute floral dress from TJMaxx and I like that it ties around the neck. I don’t usually like floral patterns. If it’s too much of any print it reminds me of upholstery for furniture or drapes and we don’t want that now do we?

I have another fun weekend coming up and since my son is out of school for the summer he and I can really hang and do some mommy and son stuff…I Hope you all have an amazing day!













Dress: TJMaxx

Shoes: JCPenny




Thrifted Ankara Print Dress



How do you bounce back from a long weekend? Let’s see,you don’t..I think the question probably should be..do you ever bounce back from a long weekend? My days will be off for the rest of the week just because we had one extra day away from the office. Seriously I did so much this weekend even though, it rained and was humid. The only thing I didn’t do was relax, which I always say I’ll do but never actually get to do.

I did take some time to do things around the house. I didn’t attend any back yard  BBQ’s because I can’t stand mosquitos and bugs for too long. I worked on my blogging and decided to give myself a new hair style. I thought a halo braid would go very well with my thrifted ankara print dress.




I purchased the dress several weeks ago and had it dry cleaned. I think the print is amazing, the colors are great together. The dress was less than $6 and it’s a little big so I thought my thrifted Bannana Republic belt worked perfectly. It’s such a cool piece, the width and design of the belt makes it really stand out. I was going for a more ethnic feel. Ankara print is every where these days and I love seeing so many people showcasing their culture in such bright and beautiful prints.

I like that ankara prints are main stream fashion now. Before I couldn’t find anything except on Etsy, now local retailers and big chains are beginning to offer ankara fabric, clothing, and accessories. I was excited to find this piece, it’s so original and fun! I thought it would be a great festival outfit. I attend quite a few street festivals and expos through out the summer and this look is comfortable and practical for all the walking and the heat.




I swear I got these sandals at Walmart and they have really held up. It’s the Faded Glory brand, which is ok but I wouldn’t have imagined that they would have last so long. They go well with anything casual, I wear them with sun dresses practically everyday to work. I’m a huge fan of bangles, I stole  borrowed these from my mother. She has the best wooden accessories.

Now about my halo hair do. I love it…I wish my own hair was a little bit longer so I could be more creative. I braided my own hair then attached the halo braid over it so it could look fuller. What do you think? I was so impressed with myself for trying it. Definitely look to see more of this hair style in future posts. Enjoy the pictures and whats left of the work week!














Dress& Belt: Thrifted

Sandals: Walmart






Black Jumper & Strappy Sandals


Now for how I originally planned on rocking the jumper. I eventually found my sandals…after the fact of course. I wanted to show you all how easily you can transform an outfit by changing one or two things. I added a belt and changed the sneakers to these comfortable wedge sandals and now I look like I’m going out to dinner. Which look do you prefer? I think it works as a day to night look as well, I would lose the oversize bag and carry a clutch for an evening occasion.












Bag: H&M buy it here

Belt: Marshalls

Jumper: Charming Charlies buy it here

Sandals: Ross Dress for Less/See similar here

Kiss, Kiss


Black Jumper & Tropical Print Sneakers


Hi guys! Look at who’s rocking sneakers…LOL! Seriously, I’m not a huge sneaker fan. The sneaker has to be cute in order for me to even buy it. These tropical print sneakers definitely pass the cuteness test. I usually only wear sneakers to the gym, when I’m running errands, or hanging with my son for our play dates. I own several pairs of sneakers and they last forever because I hardly wear them. In fact I had no plans on wearing these today. I couldn’t find my sandals and I was in a rush so I threw them on. I actually like this sneaker jumper combination. What do you think?

I want to challenge myself to wear more sneakers or just casual looks in general.  can’t do heels nearly as often as I use to. I own a few colorful ones and I love Converse Chuck Taylor’s, Adidas Original Superstar’s, Puma Roma Basic’s, Reebok Classics, and 574 New Balance sneakers. I’m excited already to convert a few of my more dressed up attire into casual outfits, starting with this one!

















Jumper: Charming Charlies buy it here

Sneakers:Buy it here

Bag: H&M buy it here



White Mini Dress & Gladiator Sandals


I believe in happiness…true happiness..we search for it all our lives and want it all the time because it’s hard to come by. I remember thinking that I would never be happy again. I was sick, fatigue, and depressed during most of treatment, It was difficult to even imagine a future.  I use to think what is the point of planning for something down the line when down the line may never come for me. When your younger in age and newly diagnosed, everyone says your just so young to have cancer, breast cancer in particular. It was once considered a disease for older women. I’ve met women in their 20’s and 30’s who fight this disease everyday. We are a close community of women that have a common goal…beat cancer into remission!

As I stated in my previous post this month is my cancerversary..2 years cancer free. I hope to stay in remission forever. I can’t imagine a recurrence, I don’t know that I would be as strong as the first time around. This disease is nothing you can prepare for, their is no manual, no two cancers are the same, and no two individuals cope with the disease and treatment the same.  I pray for my health all the time, something we all take for granted.



I never celebrated my 1 year cancerversary. I honestly thought I would totally jinx myself. The fear was still there, the horror from the whole ordeal was too fresh in my mind.This year I’ve been working real hard on building myself up, I’ve been focusing on what brings me happiness.  I would stay in bad relationships because I focused more on someone else happiness. Now I can walk away and not feel any level of guilt. It’s not that I don’t care about them, it’s just that I care about me more! What steps are you taking to find your happiness?

My first step was to start doing things that I enjoy doing, even if no one else wants to do it with you. I enjoy blogging…so I blog! I like shopping and since I have a limited budget, I thrift and combine my thrifted finds with accessories and maybe one new item. For example, the dress I’m wearing was less than $22…I was shocked it fit, the only issue is the lining under it is too short, I will work on getting it properly lined inside. I love the lace design, it makes the dress. The gladiator sandals are new but with in my budget. I don’t think you need to shop all the time. I recycle my outfits over and over again.

I made my own floral crown…I really need to do a DIY section cause I’m always making stuff. I love art and that is another passion that I plan on incorporating into my blog. I hope you all enjoy the pictures and have a great weekend!!










Dress: Buy it here /see similar here

Sandals: buy it here

floral crown: DIY here

Bag: See similar here

Accessories: Old from my jewelry line



Black Lace Cover Up & Black One Piece Swimsuit


Hey! I’m back showcasing all this fat…LOL! This cover up made me feel super sexy on the beach. It revealed just enough skin and the lace is beautiful. I also thought the length was perfect.

I bought the black one piece swimsuit because it’s sheer on the sides and the upper chest area. Both the cover up and the swim suit were affordable finds. The only problem I had with the cover up was the sleeves, I have a slight case of lymphedema from lymph node removal in my right arm so it is larger than the other arm.

Overall the fit was good, the swimsuit sucked everything in and the cover up left a little something to the imagination…while it was on at least. What swimsuit style do you prefer? and why?


















Cover up: Buy it here

Swimsuit: Buy it here

Headband: Walmart

Shades: TJMaxx

Kiss, Kiss


Finding the Perfect Beachwear: Swimsuit Blues



Hi guys! I finally found a swimsuit that works perfectly with my shape. It also hides the scaring from my multiple surgery procedures. I remember when my biggest issue was hiding my stretch marks, I hated them and always wanted to find a way to disguise them. These days stretch marks are the least of worries. I have scars that tell a powerful story. My scars are a testament of my fight with a deadly disease, they may fade over time but they will always be with me.


I still have my port in, even though treatment ended last June. It will eventually need to be removed I don’t even notice that I still have it in anymore, its become a part of me. Radiation did a number on my right breast, it burned it so bad I have a permanent square shaped scar that just won’t fade away completely. I have to be extra careful with sun exposure because the area is very sensitive. I picked this swimsuit because it covered most of the chest area, in fact I avoid plunging necklines all together. I only have one implant and a expander, I’ve been procrastinating about getting the other breast fully reconstructed so I’m lopsided…LOL!!!




I think blue and the ocean go so well together. I especially like blue with my complexion and since I’m over the top, why not throw on purple lipstick? The cover up is the best, I’m really happy with both the swimsuit and the cover up. They were both really affordable and the fit was excellent. I had such  an amazing time this past weekend, friendships like the ones I have make my heart smile. I was nice to just get away, lay in the sun, and be in good company. Life is so short I want to always do what makes me happy!








Swimsuit: By it here 

Cover up: Buy it here

Sun Glasses: Buy it here



The Ta-Tinis Present: Fight Like A Girl Flag 9 Benefit



I met the Ta-Tinis during my chemo treatment at SCOA in 2014. I was 34 and had been given the worse news of my life. At the time I didn’t know of any other women my age that had gone through this nightmare. After my biopsy results confirmed the type of cancer I had, I was sent for counseling at SCOA to go over my treatment options and to start chemo cycles. I remember being given a huge bag of stuff at the end of the meeting. It was filled with things that helped me get through chemo. The bag and it’s contents were put together by the Ta-Tini’s. I met them in person a few months later at a Young Survivors gathering. They are all super sweet and have really warm personalities. I was happy to finally meet other women who had been diagnosed at an early age like myself.



They along with SCOA organized the event. They have been doing it for several years and I love that they have found ways to give back, support, and celebrate women who fight breast cancer everyday. I hope to do the same using my social media platforms. I want  to focus on celebrating life, self love and finding happiness from within.

The theme of the event was the 1940’s, which had such beautiful fashion. I thought I would put my own spin on it…starting with flowers in the hair, which I’m currently obsessed with doing lately. I bought a stem of flowers from Michaels craft store, the entire branch was $8. Each flower was adorned with rhinestones and pearls. The flowers looked so real and pretty.




I purchased the dress clutch, & shoes at Marshalls. I got everything for under $100. I’ve had the belt for years, not sure what retailer I purchased it from but it’s held up really well.

The event was wonderful, I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was too busy stuffing my face, enjoying the music, and good company. Enjoy the pictures…I’m feeling lazy today…xoxo!













Dress: Marshalls see similar here

Shoes: Jessica Simpson see similar here

Clutch: Marshalls see similar here

Belt: Old see similar here




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