Women Supporting Women: Recap Naturally Fashionable’s ” The Fashionistas Brunch”



It’s Monday already….noooooo!! I want to redo this weekend because I had such an amazing time at Naturally Fashionable’s ” The Fashionistas Brunch” in Columbia South Carolina. I met Kim, personal style blogger and creator of Naturally Fashionable, she is even prettier in person and her personality is genuine and sweet. I loved that her family was there to support her, they were so much fun through out the event. I especially enjoyed meeting her mother and her sister, they are a beautiful family, Kim is surrounded by love.

The event was held at the Blue Marlin in a private dining hall, which made the brunch intimate and personable. We talked about trends that we either wanted to stay or one’s that we were ready to see go. Kim gave tips on how we can maximize our wardrobe with closet essentials. I shopped affordable pieces from High Maintenance Boutique, ate great food, sipped on some lemonade, and made new friends. Kim even gave some pointers on marriage, our image and self confidence as it relates to our personal fashion choices.



There is absolutely nothing better than women supporting other women. We all WIN when one of us succeeds. I believe we are all blessed with different talents and abilities, just imagine a world where we all got to shine without negative backlash. The Fashionistas Brunch was more than learning about fashion, it was about building healthy relationships with like minded individuals.

I was so busy networking, and taking pictures, that I forgot my grab bag…ugh!  My chemo brain issues are real y’all…she put all kinds of goodies in those bags!. I hope you enjoy the pictures and recap…have a great week xo












Dress: Charming Charlies

Bag: Dooney Bourke

Shades: Jessica Simpson

Bracelet: Old, see similar here

Necklace: Old, see similar here

Shoes: Old, see similar here




Off the Shoulder Blouse & Skinny Jeans


Hi loves, It’s only mid-week and I’m already dreaming about Friday…LOL. I traveled to Greenwich, Connecticut for the Cancer Care Walk/Run for Hope, I had an amazing time. The weather was perfect and there is nothing like seeing old friends. I’ll post about the event in my next post. In the mean time, I wanted to share another casual fun look with you. I discussed why I love high-waisted  skinny jeans in a previous post and here I am rocking another pair. The only difference is that these are a straight or tapered leg.




I found this off the shoulder shirt online and I think it’s so sexy. I fell in love with It’s soft cotton blend and coral color. I think it works really well with high-waisted jeans. I can either tuck the shirt in or wear it out, it looks great either way. I found the jeans at a local Burkes Outlet store for $9, they are by Gloria Vanderbilt . Her jeans have always been a favorite of mine for years.




The overall look is very simple and everyday. I wore the sandals in a before, I like the neutral color and the platform, it gives me height and makes my legs look a little longer. You can easily dress this outfit up with more accessories or other statement pieces and create a different look. I’m looking forward to 2 upcoming events that will require more dressy outfits, I can’t wait to share them with you all. Please enjoy the pictures and the rest of the week!






Blouse: Venus 

Jeans: see similar here 

Sandals: TJMaxx; see similar here



Casual White Dress & Denim Jacket


Hey, it’s hump day! I’m excited because I can’t wait to visit close friends this weekend. I’m taking a much needed break from work to have some fun, advocate, and share my testimony. I’ll be participating in this years Cancer Care Walk/Run for Hope in Greenwich, CT. I’ve missed the last 2 years because I was still in treatment and it was difficult to travel. I’m thankful just to be able to participate this time around, I feel truly blessed. I’ve wanted to do more traveling this year, I’m looking forward to some trips to nearby states like New Orleans for starters. I haven’t been there since the year before hurricane Katrina devastated the city. I would love to see how much it has changed and recovered since the storm. It’s such a beautiful place to visit because it’s rich in culture and there is so much to see and enjoy.



I’ve been picking up casual attire like this to travel around town and be comfortable. I think denim jackets are a staple piece in any wardrobe, it’s basically a must have for me. I purchased this one from a local boutique while visiting Charleston, SC, I can’t remember the name of the store but I’ve provided a link to get a very similar one from Forever 21. I’m in love with the fringe bag, I especially love that the fringe is long and the camel color is really pretty.






The dress is light weight, flowy, and feminine. It’s ideal for warmer weather because it’s a cotton blend  to help absorb sweat and it doesn’t cling to the body. You can just throw it on and rock it with or without the jacket. I’ve had the  sandals forever, they have a shorter heel which makes them comfortable. They have a nice mix of colors across the front. They are my go to sandals when I’m wearing earth tone or casual outfits. I completed the look with some orange lipstick that I picked up at Sephora’s. The lipstick is by Smashbox ” Get Fired” and earnings that I’ve had in my collection for a few years.





Denim Jacket: see similar here

White cotton dress: see similar here

Bag: Marshalls see similar here

Sandals: TJ Maxx old see similar here



8 Ways to Get Your Sexy Back After Cancer



I have to admit that how I look on the outside doesn’t always coincide with how I feel on the inside. I know people think confidence may come naturally but I’ve had to work hard to get my sexy back. I was single when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought losing my hair initially was a blow to my self esteem but nothing prepares you for losing your breast. Breasts are a big deal for women. I remember literally wishing for boobs during the early years of puberty. Once they blossomed it was like a right of passage to  womanhood, men love them, babies love them and even though having kids can make them lose there perkiness, I would rather have my old boobs back, the implants suck! Yes they really do, they have no feeling whatsoever. I think the only good thing is that they don’t sag, forever perky, which looks great despite having no sensation. So how did I get my sexy back? Was it really gone? or did it just go on a temporary vacay?



1. Work on yourself from inside out. You really are what you eat, so changing what you consume helps tremendously. I was never a junk food fan but I would over indulge in certain comfort foods ( ice cream, pasta, baked goods, and way too much coffee).  At first I couldn’t keep anything down due to chemo. The drugs they use during treatment are so toxic, they made me sick.  After treatment, which included chemo, radiation, and a mastectomy I just ate non stop. I didn’t realize that my body wasn’t functioning the way it was before treatment. I had digestive issues, bloating, and just a feeling of discomfort all the time. I made an appointment with a nutritionist and got to the bottom of why I was feeling sluggish and unmotivated. I started a “clean eating” regimen that has helped me drop the weight and become more energetic.

2. Be your own biggest fan. I’m all about team “me” because not everyone is gonna be as encouraging and supportive as you need them to be. I knew that life would not be the same after treatment but I wanted to do whatever it takes to build myself up and “bounce back” to a normal life again. I pushed myself every step of the way to recovery, It was difficult to breathe after taking short walks around the block but I talked myself into taking that walk anyways. I knew I needed to get out my comfort zone. Which is why I got back to blogging. It was easier hiding out in the house instead of socializing. I start my day off with a positive thought, I know that this second chance has been gifted to me and I’m grateful for it.

3. Exercise. At least 3 times a week, then thank me later!  I say this because it’s a proven energy booster, stress reducer, and it helps to stay healthy and active. I use to hate the gym, as a matter of fact I found any and all excuse not to go. I would get a membership, start working out, pay monthly but stop going shortly thereafter. I now think of the gym as more of a ” lifestyle necessity.”  I’m looking forward to trying yoga and meditation next month. It doesn’t have to be a gym, you can try other sports or activities that work for you.




4. Throw on some makeup. I totally cosign the phrase “when you look good, you feel good.” I was a mess during treatment. A big part of me wanted to roll out of bed and sit in that chemo chair for treatment without a care in the world BUT when you have no hair on your head, no eyebrows, or lashes people make it pretty obvious that you look different. They give you this weird, I don’t want to stare at you but I can’t help myself look on their face. Your skin changes during treatment, mine was dry and I had this weird yellow glow. I didn’t look healthy, I lost weight, and I had bags under my eyes because I couldn’t sleep at night. I accepted the bald head because it grew on me after a few months. I was like I’m gonna rock this bald head! I would put on some makeup, draw in my eyebrows, and find a bold lip color to help me feel beautiful. I think after a while people thought my bald head was a style that I intentionally tried out.

5. Treat yourself like royalty. I’m a queen, in my mind..sound conceited? Think of it like this, I don’t wake up every day thinking I’m less of a person because I don’t have what so and so has, that’s for them. What I know is that I’ve been blessed with a second chance at living an amazing life and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. I’ll take a spa day in a heart beat. Any reason to just unwind and release stress and anxiety. I do my own hair but if I didn’t I would have no problem treating myself to the hair or nail salon to be pampered. You don’t stop wanting to feel or look beautiful because the disease invades your life. Don’t stop loving you, Don’t stop wanting anything less than the the best, you deserve it!



6. Wear what compliments you. I wear the biggest smile everyday! I don’t know what each day may bring so I’m gonna live in the moment. I smile because despite it all, I’m here! Try that smile first, then head to the mall or where ever you shop and pick out something that makes you feel like a million bucks! I bought the dress featured in this post on Etsy  and I love it. It’s fun, flirty, and it accentuates in all the right places. For comfort reasons I can’t wear high heels anymore so I go for platforms or shorter heels. It may not be the latest trend or what everyone else is doing, just make it work for you.

7. Do whatever brings you pleasure.  Your hormones will change and not for the better, I’m currently on Tamoxifen, I nicknamed it the “buzz killer” it literally has my body thinking I’m 30 years older than I am because it blocks estrogen receptors. It’s designed to control and drastically reduce the very thing that fuels my cancer and sexual appetite.  Basically cancer is bad so thumbs up for the drug but sexual appetite is good so a big thumbs down, I hate the side effects. Luckily there are different ways to stimulate and wake up your sexual desires. Listening to music, taking a hot bath, or getting a massage are great starting points.  I will have to elaborate on this subject in another post. *wink

8. Get lots of sleep. This one may seem like a minor thing but I’m a nightmare when I’m tired. I’m moody and easily irritated when I don’t get a good night sleep. I will fall asleep on you while your engaging me in the most important conversation of your life.  I feel more alert and refreshed with enough rest, which helps to shape the rest of the day in a positive way.



What do you think? any suggestions that I missed? I hope you found some, if not all points helpful.

Dress: Diggin Her Roots

Shoes: Nine West/similar here





Walmart Camo Pants To The Rescue…

access (1)
Well Hello there *wink *wink! I’ve never owned anything in the army fatigue family. While I like to see this print on others I don’t usually like it on myself. I found these recently while I was doing my usual Walmart shopping, which I do way to often. I can’t seem to leave that store without spending at least $100…NO LIE!
I saw these pants and thought, hmmmm…could I pull them off? I don’t do sneakers and combat boots but I love how so many other bloggers have dressed up their camo pants so I thought I’d give it a shot.
Do you LIKE? 






See Ya Later!


Weekend Chic: Ripped Blue Jeans & Peplum Leopard Top…

Hi loves! I’ve been in total chill mode lately, spending lots of time to myself and honestly loving every minute of it. When your always on the go, it’s such an amazing feel to slow down. I’ve learned to appreciate all the things around me that I’m blessed to have. Thanksgiving Day is quickly approaching and I’m already thanking GOD for all that he’s given me….XOXO…Enjoy the week!









Dress Pants With Stripes & Blue Pumps…

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s still surprisingly warm in the north east. I love the layered clothing concept during the fall because you can really utilize all the pieces in your wardrobe. I found this adorable Elle jacket at the Salvation Army and instantly fell in love with the blue shade. I didn’t even realize that it would go so well with my blue Nine West pumps *winning…LOL
I paired it all together with an old stripe shirt from Forever 21 and some black work pants. I thought the outfit worked well with or without the blue jacket. I especially liked that I could button the jacket or leave it open to show off the stripe top underneath. Since it’s warmer during the day and chilly in the evening this works as a perfect layered look for the fall. I hope you all feel the same way ;)….Enjoy the pictures xx










All Black Everything In A Little Black Dress…

Hey hey! I know, ” where  have I been?”….I hate to just say that I’ve been extremely busy but it’s the truth. I’ve been preoccupied with my move and I’m happy to say I’ve finally wrapped up most of it….LOL! I’ve also taken a much needed social media break. I love blogging and all but it can be distracting when you need to stay focused. I’ve missed blogging but I check in every now and then to see what my fave bloggers are up to. It’s hard to fully unplug but truly necessary.
Today’s outfit is an oldie but goodie. I’ve had the dress and leather jacket for some time now but since they are staple pieces in my wardrobe I get so much use out of them. You can’t go wrong with a little black dress and a leather jacket. The shoes are Nine West and the bag is Betsy Johnson sold at Marshall’s. I hope you all are enjoying the season, so happy it’s still warm enough to wear short sleeves and a light jacket at night. Thanks for stopping by lovies, I appreciate you all.












Hashtag T-Shirt & Printed Pants…

Hi Guys! I’m in love with this hashtag T-shirt that I got at Forever 21 the other day. With all the hashtag craze on Instagram and now on Facebook I thought it was great that someone came up with it. Once again I’m stepping outside my comfort zone and trying to mix things up a little. The hair is more fun and edgy, than other hairstyles that I’ve had in the past. The pants are from H&M, I bought them during the winter season and rocked them completely different (see old post)  than I did this time around.
Enjoy the pictures and the week loves!


Acid Wash And Stripes…

Hey beauties! Happy Monday I hope you all had a great weekend. I’m excited about experimenting these days. This new hair style and color thing I got going on makes me feel so adventurous. Today’s look is a little funky and urban, which is something I don’t usually try but its fun just stepping outside the box for a change. Beside how will you ever know if a style works if you don’t try. I spruced up my red and it’s a little orange brown this time it’s kinda cool looking. 
The jeans are Target and the top is thrifted. I’ve had the shoes for close to a year, I love the mustard color. I would never have combined acid wash, with a crop top, and stripes, but I totally dig the look 😉 and hope you do as well.


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