Next Stop, Bambu Salon West Haven, CT

I am pleased to share my latest discovery, Bambu Salon in West Haven CT. This salon is a hidden treasure just waiting for women looking for the ultimate hair experience. I appreciate it when someone recommends or refers me to a worthy salon so I hope this picture says it all. The owner and stylist is Datania, who has been working with hair for over 25 years, she’s styled everyone from her local clientele to some of our more well known celebrities.   My experience with her was wonderful. The service was customer satisfaction from start to finish!! I had my hair washed, treated, & styled by Datania and was thankful for the suggestions she made for healthy hair up keeping. Ladies book your appointment today, I highly recommend her services!!

7 Admiral Street
West Haven, CT
(203) 933-7778

In Honor Of International Women’s Month, We Honor Puerto Rican Women!

                      (THE LAST TAINO ‘QUEEN’)                                (Stacey Lopez)
Detail of artist Samuel Lind’s ‘Yuiza’, Indian Cacique Chief.
The Legends of Loiza are many but perhaps the most popular one is about the only  female Taino Cacique ( chief) named Yuiza ( Yuisa, Loaiza, Luisa, Loiza). Of all  the Taino Chiefs of the Caribbean there were only two who were women, only one in Boriken ( Puerto Rico).za Aldea: Legend of Yuiza. Taino Cacique of Puerto Rico

                                             Julia de Burgos, a teacher, journalist and supporter of the pro-independence movement in Puerto Rico, left behind only 203 poems in Spanish, published in four books.

She wrote of love and the search for political and personal freedom. She is perhaps best known for her feminist poems, including “Yo Misma Fui Mi Ruta” (“I Was My Own Path”) and “A Julia de Burgos” (“To Julia de Burgos”).
De Burgos moved from Puerto Rico to New York in 1940.Feautured below is one of her most popular poems (Intimate).

Life straightened up to watch me pass.
I began getting lost atom by atom of my flesh
and slipping little by little to the soul.


Pilgrim in myself, I walked a long instant.
I lingered on the route of that errant path
that opened in my interior
and I arrived at myself, intimate.
With myself on horseback I galloped through the shadow of time
and became a landscape far from my vision.
I knew myself as a message far from the world.
I felt myself a life inverted from the surface of colors and forms,
and saw myself a light scaring man’s shadow emptied on the earth.
                                            *  *  *  *
A clock has sounded the hour chosen by all.
The hour? Any. All in one.
The surroundings reconquer color and form.
Men move unaware
to grab the minute hand
that points them in several static directions.
Always the same flesh silently tightening on the familiar.
I seek myself. I am still in the landscape far from my vision.
I go on being a message from the world.
The form that recedes and that was mine an instant
has left me intimate.
And I see myself a light scaring man’s shadow
———————————–emptied on the earth. 

Today’s Puerto Rican women pay respect to women such as De Burgos, because they  helped pave the way, for what seemed like  the impossible at one point or time in  history.  We remember that without the courageous efforts of these women, we other wise would not be afforded the many opportunities that we currently have in today’s society. Meet Stacey Lopez a mother of four, self employed, wife and proud woman of Puerto Rican heritage! 

Hair Update & Casual Look for Happy Hour!

Well, the weather was finally feeling like spring in Connecticut. I decided to take full advantage of the warmer weather by throwing on some jeans and a basic white top for happy hour. I  also made a trip Hair It Is Salon in Norwalk, CT to have my favorite stylist Paula add golden blond highlights to my hair. I was so pleased with the end result. My hair color & style came out Fabulous and I was in and out of the salon with in an hour and a half. 

Win A Free Necklace & Earring Set Today!

Rules: In order to participate you must be a follower of & be a subscriber to!whoever is first to  post your answers on my FaceBook page wins. The answers must be posted by 8pm tonight

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The Prize!!

Valentines Day Look…

I love valentines day and I especially love the color red and that it’s the color of love 😉 I found this dress at H&M on sale for a steal and was super excited that it fit so well. The fabric is so comfy and the cute elastic belt works perfectly. I love this necklace, it’s one of my own and it’s definitely a statement piece, which I love to use when I want to enhance a simple dress.
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