Hair It Is!







I’m so thrilled about my hair cut, I wanted a new outlook for the new year and this style just says it all. It’s a Kandi Burress inspired cut, without the flaming red color. The salon name is HAIR IT IS, located at 33 Wall Street in Norwalk, CT. (203) 831-8792 or The salon is owned and operated by a sister duo, Fern & Paula Speller. The beauty salon has been in business 15 plus years and we clearly see why. The experience was excellent, comfortable, and my stylist Paula was so personable and experienced in the field.  

Lash Power, Accessories for your eyes



ShellyFashionista 004

I’m ready for the new year already, its such an exciting feeling. For the first time ever I decided to get false lashes, always wanted to try the look but have really sensitive eyes. I went to Baraka’s Innovations and had my lashes done for a very reasonable price by stylist Candace.  The service was impeccable, the stylish did my lashes in approximately 25 minutes WOW! she was very patient & took great care to tell me “no blinky blinky” & advised me of how to make my lashes last for the maximum amount of time. I must say I was really impressed with the overall results, almost didn’t recognize myself…looked like a brand new person walking out the shop. LOVE IT!!!