Why I love High-Waisted Skinny Jeans & You Should Too


Are you wearing the wrong style jeans? I know that there are so many jean styles on the market that work for different body shapes. I personally live for high waisted skinnies because it works best for my pear shaped body. I think the trick to finding the right type of jeans is to first identify your own body type. A pear shaped body type has a smaller bust, waist, and we are more heavy curvy on the bottom, as a matter of fact when I put on weight, it shows most in my legs and butt. I think that high waisted jeans work best for curvy girls like myself.



I love it when I come across the perfect pair of jeans. I consider the perfect jeans one that makes my waist look smaller, they have to stretch, hide belly fat, and belly bulge. I avoid low-rise or hipster jeans because they expose muffin tops and butt crack. If I find a pair of jeans that fit my hips and butt really good, it usually has too much room in the back. When I find one pair that works, I usually pick up the same style in several colors. I don’t like spending a fortune on jeans, I won’t pay over $40 for a pair jeans. I buy jeans any where I find them and I have no loyalty to any particular brand. The pair I’m wearing are Signature Levi Strauss & Co. from Walmart they cost $20.





I have big calves, thick thighs, and plenty of booty. I look for jeans that not only compliment my figure but they have to be comfortable. I don’t want to always wear a belt to keep them from having a big gap in the back. It use to be frustrating finding a nice pair of jeans that almost fit. I use to take in the back of all my pants until high waisted fashion came into the picture. I love how nowadays more and more fashion is made for curvy women who don’t wear size 4, I’m a size 10. I think more women are beginning to celebrate there bodies and companies are finally paying attention.




The fact that the word “curvy” is now used in describing a line or collection of clothing makes me happy. I like Walmart’s selection because they are affordable and they usually come in a few other colors, so I can grab more than one pair. A higher waist is a plus because you can rock a crop top, tuck the shirt in and have a polished look in in the end. I found the top at TJ Maxx, it’s a pastel pink color with crotchet design. It hangs off the shoulder and adds a feminine and sexy feel to the outift. I wore the shoes in a recent post with a rolled up leg jean style, I think they look great with skinny jeans as well. This is one trend I’m happy to see make a come back from “mom jeans” status to a more trendy, flattering jean style. I personally hope the style stays around for as long as possible. What are some of your favorite jean styles?






Enjoy the rest of the week!

Blouse: TJ Maxx, similar here

Jeans: Walmart

Shoes: JCPenny


8 Ways to Get Your Sexy Back After Cancer



I have to admit that how I look on the outside doesn’t always coincide with how I feel on the inside. I know people think confidence may come naturally but I’ve had to work hard to get my sexy back. I was single when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought losing my hair initially was a blow to my self esteem but nothing prepares you for losing your breast. Breasts are a big deal for women. I remember literally wishing for boobs during the early years of puberty. Once they blossomed it was like a right of passage to  womanhood, men love them, babies love them and even though having kids can make them lose there perkiness, I would rather have my old boobs back, the implants suck! Yes they really do, they have no feeling whatsoever. I think the only good thing is that they don’t sag, forever perky, which looks great despite having no sensation. So how did I get my sexy back? Was it really gone? or did it just go on a temporary vacay?



1. Work on yourself from inside out. You really are what you eat, so changing what you consume helps tremendously. I was never a junk food fan but I would over indulge in certain comfort foods ( ice cream, pasta, baked goods, and way too much coffee).  At first I couldn’t keep anything down due to chemo. The drugs they use during treatment are so toxic, they made me sick.  After treatment, which included chemo, radiation, and a mastectomy I just ate non stop. I didn’t realize that my body wasn’t functioning the way it was before treatment. I had digestive issues, bloating, and just a feeling of discomfort all the time. I made an appointment with a nutritionist and got to the bottom of why I was feeling sluggish and unmotivated. I started a “clean eating” regimen that has helped me drop the weight and become more energetic.

2. Be your own biggest fan. I’m all about team “me” because not everyone is gonna be as encouraging and supportive as you need them to be. I knew that life would not be the same after treatment but I wanted to do whatever it takes to build myself up and “bounce back” to a normal life again. I pushed myself every step of the way to recovery, It was difficult to breathe after taking short walks around the block but I talked myself into taking that walk anyways. I knew I needed to get out my comfort zone. Which is why I got back to blogging. It was easier hiding out in the house instead of socializing. I start my day off with a positive thought, I know that this second chance has been gifted to me and I’m grateful for it.

3. Exercise. At least 3 times a week, then thank me later!  I say this because it’s a proven energy booster, stress reducer, and it helps to stay healthy and active. I use to hate the gym, as a matter of fact I found any and all excuse not to go. I would get a membership, start working out, pay monthly but stop going shortly thereafter. I now think of the gym as more of a ” lifestyle necessity.”  I’m looking forward to trying yoga and meditation next month. It doesn’t have to be a gym, you can try other sports or activities that work for you.




4. Throw on some makeup. I totally cosign the phrase “when you look good, you feel good.” I was a mess during treatment. A big part of me wanted to roll out of bed and sit in that chemo chair for treatment without a care in the world BUT when you have no hair on your head, no eyebrows, or lashes people make it pretty obvious that you look different. They give you this weird, I don’t want to stare at you but I can’t help myself look on their face. Your skin changes during treatment, mine was dry and I had this weird yellow glow. I didn’t look healthy, I lost weight, and I had bags under my eyes because I couldn’t sleep at night. I accepted the bald head because it grew on me after a few months. I was like I’m gonna rock this bald head! I would put on some makeup, draw in my eyebrows, and find a bold lip color to help me feel beautiful. I think after a while people thought my bald head was a style that I intentionally tried out.

5. Treat yourself like royalty. I’m a queen, in my mind..sound conceited? Think of it like this, I don’t wake up every day thinking I’m less of a person because I don’t have what so and so has, that’s for them. What I know is that I’ve been blessed with a second chance at living an amazing life and that’s exactly what I plan on doing. I’ll take a spa day in a heart beat. Any reason to just unwind and release stress and anxiety. I do my own hair but if I didn’t I would have no problem treating myself to the hair or nail salon to be pampered. You don’t stop wanting to feel or look beautiful because the disease invades your life. Don’t stop loving you, Don’t stop wanting anything less than the the best, you deserve it!



6. Wear what compliments you. I wear the biggest smile everyday! I don’t know what each day may bring so I’m gonna live in the moment. I smile because despite it all, I’m here! Try that smile first, then head to the mall or where ever you shop and pick out something that makes you feel like a million bucks! I bought the dress featured in this post on Etsy  and I love it. It’s fun, flirty, and it accentuates in all the right places. For comfort reasons I can’t wear high heels anymore so I go for platforms or shorter heels. It may not be the latest trend or what everyone else is doing, just make it work for you.

7. Do whatever brings you pleasure.  Your hormones will change and not for the better, I’m currently on Tamoxifen, I nicknamed it the “buzz killer” it literally has my body thinking I’m 30 years older than I am because it blocks estrogen receptors. It’s designed to control and drastically reduce the very thing that fuels my cancer and sexual appetite.  Basically cancer is bad so thumbs up for the drug but sexual appetite is good so a big thumbs down, I hate the side effects. Luckily there are different ways to stimulate and wake up your sexual desires. Listening to music, taking a hot bath, or getting a massage are great starting points.  I will have to elaborate on this subject in another post. *wink

8. Get lots of sleep. This one may seem like a minor thing but I’m a nightmare when I’m tired. I’m moody and easily irritated when I don’t get a good night sleep. I will fall asleep on you while your engaging me in the most important conversation of your life.  I feel more alert and refreshed with enough rest, which helps to shape the rest of the day in a positive way.



What do you think? any suggestions that I missed? I hope you found some, if not all points helpful.

Dress: Diggin Her Roots

Shoes: Nine West/similar here





Pink Cardigan & White Ripped Jeans



After putting on those few extra pounds, I’ve decided to change up my wardrobe a little. I’ve always been a fan of fitted clothing but lately it seems to hug me in all the wrong places. I think once I shed the weight, I’ll feel more comfortable wearing certain styles. Until then I want my clothing to flow and compliment my curves.


Women always want to feel sexy and pretty no matter the age or the circumstance. There are two breast cancer survivors that I follow on social media, Bold & Breastless and the other Prayers for Paulette 8 Children primarily because I can relate to them. I think they both show what true beauty means after cancer attacks your body. I love that they are using their personal testimonies to advocate for change and bring awareness to the harsh realities of the disease. When I considered getting back to blogging, I shot myself down every time because I knew I wouldn’t look or feel the same. I can remember days when I didn’t even want to get out of bed. I was fatigue all the time and I went through periods of depression. Basically I was a mess but seeing them fight the disease, raise their kids and maintain optimistic attitudes made them even more appealing. I thought if they could do it then so can I.





I want to do things I enjoy for as long as possible or until my body says otherwise. My advice to anyone facing chronic or terminal illness would be to “live the best possible life you can live with no regrets.” I believe in starting by eliminating the things that don’t bring you happiness. Then change the way you treat yourself. Always love yourself, forgive yourself, and listen to what makes your heart smile. Don’t wait for anyone to give you what your lacking, make it happen for yourself.




Please check out my video, I watched it over and over again…cracked myself up but I’m really proud of myself for giving it a shot. Who knows maybe I might make more!






Jeans: JCPenny

Shoe: By Anna: JCPenny

Cardigan: Similar Here

Blouse: TJMaxx/similar Here



Love & Happiness


Denim & Sheer embroidered Top

Hi everyone! “It’s Michelle My Belle”…also know as Roxy, Shelly, and a few other nick names. I’m working on deciding what direction I want to take my blog in. It started out as a way to advertise for my accessories, then later turned into a fashion blog, it worked for a while because the two went hand in hand but I felt it was time to make some changes. I still sell my jewelry but it’s not my main focus anymore so I changed the name of the blog and my other social media platforms.

I was not in the mood to create another blog from scratch, blogging is difficult enough and it’s taken years to get to this point. My actual name is “Michelle” and I thought it would be nice to tie my name into the blog title. I figure since so much of what I write about has to do with me personally it just made sense…what do you think?  Once I figure out all the technicalities, I think a blog revamp would be a great start for my future goals.

I feel like I’m warming up to these outfit of the day posts. The whole concept is starting to come back to me LOL! At first everything was so awkward posing for the camera but I think I’m getting closer to my comfort level. It must be the 8 pounds I lost..wooohooo!! Now that I eat differently I realize just how much I was over consuming. I’m not on any special diet, I’ve just decided to pay better attention to how much and how often I eat.  It was really important for me to make these lifestyle changes.

The beauty of living in the south is that it’s only March but the weather is perfection! It was gorgeous today, sunny, light breeze, with flowers popping up every where. Signs that spring is just around the corner. I fell in love with this sheer embroidered top that I found at Ross Dress for Less it was $14 and I had to have it. It’s light, flowy, and feminine. I paired it with a white cami and some basic blue jeans.

I purchased the shoes and bag at Marshalls because I’m basically addicted to that store. I don’t think I ever walk out empty handed. I think they have the cutest selection of accessories for reasonable prices. The shoes are so comfortable and the bag has nice detailing on the front.

Enjoy the pictures and thank you for visiting!
Jeans: JCPenny
Bag & shoes: Marshalls
Blouse: Ross Dress for Less


Stripes and Leather

I remember when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought that I would never see myself the same way again. The funny thing is I don’t, I had lost my hair a few weeks into treatment and I immediately began losing weight.  I was stressed all the time, I thought about death all the time, and I worried all the time. It took about a year to move on and I imagine it will take  a lifetime to adjust to all the changes.

Truth is one day you wake up and you realize that your still here. All your friends will move on and
the out pour of attention from your initial diagnosis to the end of treatment will slowly dissipate. In the beginning of treatment everyone wants to know how they can help. When you complete treatment, they assume your fine because you look healthier. It’s all one big misconception, I’ve watched women with terminal cancer look like they never had the disease to begin with so the saying ” don’t judge a book by it’s cover” is the best cliche phrase to describe breast cancer.  Did you know that decades later this disease can return? It’s horrible to think that after poisonous treatments like chemo and radiation, the treatment process would have to be repeated. It’s the kind of  reality that no one should ever have to face especially since it’s likely to return as stage IV terminal cancer.
The word “terminal” is so chilling, just imagine there never being an end to treatment. I’m sure you’ve all seen adults and children in your news feed on Facebook holding signs that read ” Today is my last chemo” in celebration of the end of treatment or at least one part of treatment. Can you imagine there never being an end? Can you imagine doing chemo and radiation for as long as your body is able to hold up? Once you become terminal, that is the plan. People living with metastatic breast cancer will go from one treatment to another until it either stops working or you stop working, meaning death.
How does anyone live a “normal” life knowing that death is right around the corner because there is no cure. There is so much emphasis placed on building awareness but so little goes towards actual research to find a cure! It’s infuriating to see how much money so many non profits raise each year but there are still hundreds of men and women dying from the disease everyday. If you really want to make a difference support organizations like Metavior! It’s one of the only organizations that puts the majority of your money towards research to find an actual cure.
Just imagine how many lives we could save!
As always thanks for stopping by I hope you love the pictures xoxo!

Skirt by Forever 21

Jacket Express

Blouse TJ Maxx

Shoes by NineWest sold at Ross

Wallet Target




Basic Chevron

I finally got around to posting an outfit of the day!…yikes… It’s been a long time since I’ve had the courage to model in front of the camera. Mainly because I have gained weight and I’ve had no desire to showcase these extra pounds. Most of the weight is due to medication, which causes all sorts of hormone changes and slows down my metabolism. I feel so sluggish and achy some days. Another problem is I don’t have as much energy as I use to,thanks to chemo and radiation. My body has seen the worst of times over this past year. It use to be effortless to take pictures and feel confident. Now I’m worried about covering up scars and ways to hide my weight gain, it’s exhausting.
I wasn’t motivated to lose the weight until recently. I was stuck, I ate more, didn’t exercise and felt tired all the time. It was a horrible feeling. At first I thought I was putting back on the weight I lost during treatment. Then it just crept up on me and wouldn’t budge. I couldn’t take it anymore, I was uncomfortable all the time. Nothing fit and I refused to go shopping for larger sizes. I decided to join the gym, I go 3-4 times a week, for at least two hours, thankfully the pounds are slowly melting away and my energy is coming back. I feel better overall, I guess exercise really does the body good.
I had a latissimus Dorsi Flap procedure in October of last year. I have yet to complete my reconstruction. I’ve put it off for months because I was tired of being carved up. Cancer really sucks!..nothing worse than having scars all over and breasts that have no sensation. I have one temporary tissue expander in my left boob and an actual silicon implant in the other. The whole experience has been one crazy emotional mess.
I feel like there is no plan for life after treatment. When I started out, there was a plan, a diet, a routine, it sucked but it was a “road map” to recovery. I don’t know that I will ever get use to life after treatment. I was lost for a while, I found it hard to adjust, which is weird because I’m usually in control and adapt to change easily.
I’m not going to complain though, I know countless women who have metastatic breast cancer (stage IV) terminal cancer that will be in treatment for the rest of there lives. Having any terminal disease is a tough reality to live with daily. My heart goes out to them.
I try stay focused and positive. It helps with depression and survivors guilt. I wanted to get back to doing something I love to do. Fashion has always been one of my favorite hobbies so I wanted to get back to blogging. These days I look for fit and comfort when choosing pieces for my wardrobe. I go for clothes with higher necklines, loose fit, and patterns that compliment my style. I’ve always loved a pair of jeans and pumps, it just works well for different occasions. I’ve had the jacket for a while, it’s by Loft, see a similar style here. The bag and pumps were affordable pieces from T.J. Maxx. The blouse is from spring of last year, I purchased it at Kohl’s.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and as always, thanks for stopping by…XO!



Living Beyond Cancer


Hi guys, where do I even begin? It’s been such a long time. I haven’t blogged for this very reason. I just don’t know how to get back into blogging. It’s like learning to ride a bike again so forgive me if I seem a little rusty.

It’s been a year and three months since my bilateral mastectomy, which is when the cancerous tumor was removed. I count my “cancerversary” from that date. Some survivors count it from the date they were initially diagnosed. A year is big deal in the cancer world! I’m hoping for many more years.

Your probably wondering what I’ve been up to…truthfully, I’ve been celebrating life! it’s beautiful and I’m deeply grateful for each day. I completed all major treatment in June of last year. I reconstructed my breast in September and I’ve been laying low ever since.


I needed to heal, physically and mentally. Treatment and surgery were so intense, it’s nice to just take a deep breathe. I’m learning to live beyond cancer, which is difficult at times. I had only known one person with breast cancer before I was diagnosed, now it seems like so many people are either battling the disease or dying from it. It’s so depressing, deeply depressing but I try to remain positive.

I wear this big smile, which hides a lot of pain but it also  represents happiness. Happiness for life, a full head off hair, quality time with my son and the people I love. Thank you all for giving me a warm welcome back, it made heart smile.


1st OOTD 2015: Ankara Skirt

What’s it like to feel alive?  It’s like dancing to the beat of your own drum….Making No apologies for who you are…. Feeling calm during a storm…. Being at peace in your heart…. No holding back…. Loving freely and doing ALL the things you have always wanted to do!!
Hi Guys…it’s a new year already and I haven’t done an outfit of the day (OOTD) post since October 2013….My, my, my how time flies. I had taken a break from blogging when I relocated, then got diagnosed with breast cancer and…well… you know the rest. I start my 6 week radiation treatments this week and I still have monthly appointments for Herceptin therapy but I’m feeling really good about life.  I now see the more optimistic side of things…the glass half full instead of half empty theory. I will be doing external beam radiation to the chest wall on the effected right side. I wasn’t able to undergo immediate reconstruction because of the need to radiate that area. My oncologist and radiologist both felt that the expanders would interfere with treatment and may possibly create more discomfort for me if they were put in place.  It may be another 6-9 months before I can even entertain the idea of reconstruction because of the damage that radiation does to the skin. Any who… I’m not sweating it, it’s kind of nice not to wear a bra because they are really uncomfortable anyways. Besides what’s there to complain about?…I’m alive and well!
I found this Ankara print skirt while surfing Etsy for Christmas gifts. Naturally I had to buy myself something 😉 The shop name is RegalClothes and I absolutely LOVE the quality of the skirt. The stitch work, accuracy of the sizing, and service were impeccable…Check them out, they have wonderful merchandise. I hope you enjoy the pictures & thanks for stopping by! 


Self Love


I had reached some really low points emotionally while battling ‘breast cancer’ this past year. The very thought that cancer had invaded my body was enough to turn my world upside down. I felt hopeless…lost….confused and deeply hurt. I initially cried a lot, stopped eating, and closed myself off from the rest of the world. How could anyone ever look at me the same? Why did I have to get cancer? When you’re a woman you worry about everything, especially physical (beauty) or your appearance in general ….our society is built on it. After losing all my hair during chemo, then both my breast after bilateral surgery, I had to learn to LOVE and ACCEPT the new me. 




Moving on to Tomorrow

It’s just hours before we begin a new year and I wanted to THANK all of you for taking this journey with me. Sure it’s been a rough year but I feel so LOVED!  I’ve opened up and revealed more than I ever thought I would to such a large audience of people, some of whom I have never met. I don’t know if sharing my story has made a difference for all of you but I know for sure it has touched some of you. I know that someone has gotten a mammogram, done a self breast exam or followed through with making an appointment to take care of their health in general and that says a lot. THANK YOU all for making this year less of a roller coaster ride, I couldn’t be more grateful for the support.
My New Year Goal is to continue the fight against ‘cancer’ even while it’s in remission it’s important to never take your health for granted. I’ll be doing everything in my power to stay as healthy as possible. I already feel STRONGER than ever, more determined and accomplished.
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you in advance!


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