One Shoulder One Piece Swimsuit



I just couldn’t pass this one shoulder swimsuit up! It’s rear that I find a swimsuit that I love as much as I do this one. When I saw it, I wasn’t sure about the one shoulder because I knew it would show the scaring from radiation. I burned really really badly from radiation. My skin completely peeled off on the right chest wall. I’m so surprised it’s healed as much as it has. I’m always lathering up the area with coconut oil to help fade the scar naturally. The area once felt like leather and it bothered me so much to show it. In fact I avoid certain necklines for that very reason.

I’ve come a long way…really proud of myself! I find so many nice pieces but I just couldn’t stand the way the discoloration. I loved the swimsuit so much and it fit great. It would be a plain old swimsuit without the ruffles. I was sold on that part of the design alone plus it covers another scar and my chemo port. I was at the pool for hours, my son can’t swim but he can’t wait to jump in. I’ve arranged for him to take swimming lessons at our local YMCA.



It got in the upper 90’s this past weekend and I decided to cool off at the pool. It was a good opportunity to rock this swimsuit. When I first got it in the mail it seemed too big. The size I’m wearing is 3x, I think I saw the size and immediately thought it wouldn’t fit but it’s Chinese sizing, which typically runs small so it worked out for me. It was so darn humid, I just couldn’t do the afro so I braided my hair with some braiding hair for fullness and did this halo braid. I told you all that this halo braid style is here to stay for the summer because it looks so neat and pretty.

There are a few other styles that I hope to try. I’m letting my sides and back grow back so the styles will look good when I attempt them. What do you are some ways you stay cool in the summer? Enjoy the pictures and the rest of the week!
















Swimsuit: Buy it here

shades: TJMaxx find similar here



Black Lace Cover Up & Black One Piece Swimsuit


Hey! I’m back showcasing all this fat…LOL! This cover up made me feel super sexy on the beach. It revealed just enough skin and the lace is beautiful. I also thought the length was perfect.

I bought the black one piece swimsuit because it’s sheer on the sides and the upper chest area. Both the cover up and the swim suit were affordable finds. The only problem I had with the cover up was the sleeves, I have a slight case of lymphedema from lymph node removal in my right arm so it is larger than the other arm.

Overall the fit was good, the swimsuit sucked everything in and the cover up left a little something to the imagination…while it was on at least. What swimsuit style do you prefer? and why?


















Cover up: Buy it here

Swimsuit: Buy it here

Headband: Walmart

Shades: TJMaxx

Kiss, Kiss

Finding the Perfect Beachwear: Swimsuit Blues



Hi guys! I finally found a swimsuit that works perfectly with my shape. It also hides the scaring from my multiple surgery procedures. I remember when my biggest issue was hiding my stretch marks, I hated them and always wanted to find a way to disguise them. These days stretch marks are the least of worries. I have scars that tell a powerful story. My scars are a testament of my fight with a deadly disease, they may fade over time but they will always be with me.


I still have my port in, even though treatment ended last June. It will eventually need to be removed I don’t even notice that I still have it in anymore, its become a part of me. Radiation did a number on my right breast, it burned it so bad I have a permanent square shaped scar that just won’t fade away completely. I have to be extra careful with sun exposure because the area is very sensitive. I picked this swimsuit because it covered most of the chest area, in fact I avoid plunging necklines all together. I only have one implant and a expander, I’ve been procrastinating about getting the other breast fully reconstructed so I’m lopsided…LOL!!!




I think blue and the ocean go so well together. I especially like blue with my complexion and since I’m over the top, why not throw on purple lipstick? The cover up is the best, I’m really happy with both the swimsuit and the cover up. They were both really affordable and the fit was excellent. I had such  an amazing time this past weekend, friendships like the ones I have make my heart smile. I was nice to just get away, lay in the sun, and be in good company. Life is so short I want to always do what makes me happy!








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Cover up: Buy it here

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