How I styled My Thrifted Green Mini Dress



Hello! I’ve been lazy about blogging lately. It’s much easier to post a quick picture to Instagram and keep it moving. I don’t think that people realize just how much work goes into writing an actual blog post.

What I do find easy is a day of thrifting. I always find something when I go to my local thrift stores. I may only find a belt or a pretty blouse at times, I’m always excited about saving money and I enjoy finding new things because it brings out my creative side. Sometimes I find an amazing print or pattern and other times I find a plain piece that I can style my way.


This green dress is a perfect example, it was less than $6 and it came with a matching belt. I decided to style it with my thrifted leather belt instead. I’ve had the shoes forever, the brown color matched the belt perfectly even though, I bought them years a part. I threw in the sunflower..because I’m over the top..LOL!!! No seriously, I had an extra sunflower from one of my DIY flower crowns laying around my room.

I love color, I think it’s the island girl in me. I don’t know if color blocking is still an in thing but yellow and green is one of my favorite color combinations. When I bought the dress, I wanted a casual around town look. Something I could throw on with a pair of sandals and run errands or go on a lunch date. It’s nothing fancy but that’s just it, I find the best everyday wear at the thrift store.











Hope you Luv it the photos,


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